Kailey S Two Month Appointment

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Tami - November 28

Hey everyone! Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Kailey is now two months old and she had her appointment today! She is getting so big. She is now 10 pounds 1 ounce and is 23 and 1/4 inches long! My little girl is growing up. It seems like just yesterday we were coming home from the hospital with her! :) I am sure everyone else feels thier babies are growing up fast just like I do!


amy p - November 28

sorry i just had to laugh..your 2 month old weighs the same as when mine was born!!!!! yeah they get so big quick dont they?! enjoy her :)


monica - November 28

hi tami...thanks for sharing the status of Kailey. My son has his 4 month appointment tomorrow I will post the update. Did she get any shots?


FF - November 28

Hey tami- glad to hear you lil one is growing so well! My son Brody just had his 4 month appt. today and he got four shots :( But he is fine tonight, I think he's already forgotten them!


monica to FF - November 28

when was your son born?


FF - November 28

hi monica- july 21


monica - November 28

wow our sons are close in age. Caleb was born on july 26.


FF - November 28

Kool! Aren't they getting soooo fun at this age?!


monica - November 28

yes but he is also very fussy because of teething.


FF - November 28

Ouch! Sorry! Brody is not bothered too bad yet, but he is chewing and drooling like crazy.. His dr said not to use oragel b/c it can numb the whole thoat and cause choking. Has anyone else heard this?


Shelly - November 29

Hi Tami,haven't heard much from you lately!! Did you get my E-card??? How is Kailey doing?? Did she get her shots? If she did how did she react to them? Yesterday I was finally able to lift Jesse,Ithink he weighs 50 pounds!!! LOL.


monica - November 29

FF...I have head that about orajel. I wont use that stuff it scares me to death.


Tami - November 29

hey everyone! yes, Kailey got her shots yesterday. She has done great, just a little more fussy than usual. I cried more than she did! Shelly-yay! You finally get to hold your little boy again. That must be so nice. I did get your e-card. Yesterday :). We were at my in-laws house for Thanksgiving, so I didn't have a chance to go on line. Thank you so much! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine wasn't so great due to in-law problems, but I am sure many people have the same experience!



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