Karo Syrup

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meagan1227 - May 11

is it okay to give some karo syrup for constipation?


JEN - May 11

I have heard of this but never tried it- personally (for my ds) 4oz of apple juice or prune juice does the trick! I am just always scared to try other things cuz I'm not sure if it will give them tummy cramps : ( Good luck!


MJM - May 11

I have heard that pear juice is better for the constipation


Kel - May 12

I'm not sure how old your little one is but I was at the dr the other day for the same thing. My dd is 7 weeks and he said to use one ounce of water and mix it with 1 tsp of sugar. He said that is the same thing, basically, as karo syrup but thinks this is easier as not many people have a fresh bottle of karo syrup around the house. Dr. said I could use this once a day and the first time I did it, she poo'd about 5 minutes later.


Lindsay - May 12

We are currently giving our 10 week old son Karo syrup for constipation as he is on Soy formula and that really constipates him but he cannot take any other type of formula. The doctor said to put 1 teaspoon of Karo syrup for every 2 oz of formula you give the baby and that will help with the constipation and it really has helped our little man.


emilysmommy - May 12

I've given it to my baby several times for constipation and it worked great. An advice nurse told me it would help.


Jodi - May 13

My doctor said to do 1tsp. per 2oz. and not to do it everyday, it's hard on there intestines if you do it all the time. Also...my uncles mom did this a lot b/c he hard trouble w/constipation and he ended up having really bad teeth b/c of it. just keep that in mind b/c it is sugar and sugar will rot your teeth...


ambertane - May 17

i have heard not to do it wicc told me they can catch some disease there is a small chance but she was just telling me i wish i had that advice before i did that well they say now do gerber apple juice or prune juice, nursery water/



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