Keeping Baby Asleep

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jenna32 - June 6

i don't know if it is because i co-sleep or dd is actually hungry. She is 6 m. now. I nurse her to sleep and cuddle for a bit and then i try to sneak off to get things done around the house but over half of the time when i go to leave she wakes up and starts crying again(even if it has been like a couple hours) .Then when i do get a chance to leave it's like she knows i am gone and wakes up in like an hour or 2. Does anyone know how to keep her asleep longer? she is driving me nuts, i get nothing done anymore. i br___tfeed so would formula before bed help? she is on a little bit of solids already and it's still happening. But she doesn't seem to wake up as much at night when we are sleeping!!


kimberly - June 6

This is common with co sleeping. I co slept with my first two and decided I wouldn't with my third because of that very thing. I enjoyed sleeping with them but naps and bedtime were difficult unless I stayed with them. Formula before bed might help but I doubt it would make that big of a difference. It does take longer to digest. If you feel comfortable with transitioning her to a crib it would help dramatically. My dd sleeps much better than my boys did when I co slept them.


jenna32 - June 10

thanks, but that sucks! i love co-sleeping though, i don't know about you! i don't think i'll give it up. how did you get her to sleep in her crib anyway? i'd hate listening to her " cry it out"


kimberly - June 11

I never had to transition her because I decided after having my second and all the trouble I went through getting him in his own bed at 4 years old, that I wouldn't co sleep again. I just have always laid her down for bed and naps in her crib and she has for the most part always slept fine in there. I agree on not letting them cio for hours but a little fussing will not hurt her. Maybe try putting the crib in your room and stand there where she can see you until she falls asleep. Maybe after time of you doing this she might start to fall asleep without you there. But, it is a personal choice and if you feel better co sleeping then I am not sure how you can change her behavior because I tried everything with my first two and the end result was always the same. I would lay with them until they fell asleep and usually wake them trying to leave.


angeev - June 11

I have never done co-sleeping but have a very similar problem that started right at 6 months...he is 7 1/2 now. My son has always slept pretty well but he suddenly started waking up every hour or two throughout the night. I would pick him up, cuddle, then back to the hour later he was screaming again. These past few weeks I have been just going in and rubbing his back, giving him the bink, pretty much whatever will comfort him without picking him up. It is greadually gettting better. Sorry, this may not apply at all to your situation, I just thought I'd share what is working for the non-co-sleeping people.


tish212 - June 11

i started co sleeping with dd then had her in a ba__sinet next to my bed....i couldnt move away from her though...she could sense when i wasn't there...and like you i had the same issues...NOTHING was getting done around my house... so then we put her into her own room in her crib and things got soooo much better, however now with the heat she is sleeping in our room again since there isn't an ac in her room and we are having the same issues all over again... this may seem odd, but since you BF your child can smell you...and the scent calms them...once it goes away then it disrupts their sleep and they wake up... i BF my dd and my dr explained to me that they can smell your milk glands even as young as a day old and once they get into the routine of feeding they know your specific scent and it is a calming scent to them... hence why when you hold your child it comforts them soo much....touch and scent are 2 of the most powerful senses we have and have the highest impact on us even though we don't realize it... everyone has a certain smell that reminds them of something-and its usually a good memory and makes them happy even if for only a moment... and for a baby that smell means mommy...and well any mother knows the bond between her and her child.... i don't know what you can do to help her maybe get a blanket that you hold onto for a while like across your chest or a shirt you wore that day and place it near your child in bed so that they can smell it...i have a blanket on my bed that only i sleep with and my DD loves to sleep on it....GL


kimberly - June 12

I was thinking about your question last night and what about buying one of those co sleep beds. I don't know what they are called but they attach to the side of your bed. That way she would be near you and feel safe but she wouldn't feel you get up and leave.


lawlady72 - June 12

my son is co-sleeping at 10 months, he wakes up every 2 hours and yeah it gets me nuts, but it's only a very short time in someones life and your kids are only this llittle once. I can clean my house spotlessly when my son gets older and he doesn't want to hang with mom anymore. Fo right now I'll be a little less worried about the "mess" and enjoy him. I may be tired, but when he smiles in his sleep or giggles while he's dreaming, I see it and when he wakes up in the morning I'm the first person he sees. I co-slept with my daughter She's 7 now and beautiful, smart, creative and very happily in her own room! I'm glad I had my babies in my bed. I never worried about their safety.


Tan - June 12

Hi Jenna! My DS is also 6 mo. up to 5 mo we co slept and i nursed him to sleep.. and exactly the same happened with us! I would nurse him to sleep and sneak out, and he'd wake up in like 30 min.. it was just exhausting... at 5 mo a mom reccomended using the BabyWise method.. which does use CIO.. and it is the best thing ive done for me and him.. he now goes to sleep the in the first 5 min as soon as i lay him down in his crib, with absolutely no crying! and sleeps 2 hrs usually, 3 times a day. and through most nights.. still working on that... before he woke up from 3-5 times at night!!! If you are interested to know more, let me know! Good luck!


Cathy2 - June 12

Hey fellow co-sleepers, it's nice to have found so many of you. Jenna32, my 8 month old daughter sleeps with me and she also wakes up a few times a night...sometimes once or twice before I"m ready for bed. All I need to do is run in there an dlay down beside her for a second and she closes her eyes and goes back to sleep. I wouldn't trade co-sleeping for anything now that we're doing it. )we weren't for the fist 6 months) And I think Lawlady's advice was great, although there is so much to do around the house...sometimes I jsut lay beside her, and really try to enjoy the moments...they are little for a short time, the dust can be swept up tomorrow : ) (coming from and OCD clean freak, this has not been easy for me, but it has really forced me to relax and enjoy my baby more...oh, and part of it could be related to the b___stfeeding,, but please don't stop that, your baby is benefiting so much from your b___stmilk...jsut relax, she'll be marching down the hall to her own room before you know it!



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