Keeping Baby Warm In Winter

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aliciavr6 - October 8

I live in Pennsylvania and gets quite cold in winter, I'm not sure how to keep Avelyn warm or what is appropriate. I don't want to go the "snowsuit" route as she'll only really be in the cold for a minute as I take her to the car, or from the car inside. I heard about things that cover the car seat, has anyone used them? Or wondering if a coat, hat and thick blanket are enough?


JerseyGirl - October 8

I have the Bundle Me-type thingy that covers the car seat (it's made by Graco). My brother and sis-in-law used it for their son last winter, who was born in Nov. They live in NYC so it was cold and they loved it. For me, I will dress David warmly, but this thing over the car seat will act as his jacket. I think our babes are too small for real jackets. I do have a hat for him that covers his ears and has a velcro strap for underneath his chin though.


aliciavr6 - October 8

I was just looking at the bundle me thingies, I think I'll def get one since all you have to do is zip it up and can keep it on the car seat


excited2bemama - October 8

My ML made me one of those fleece blundle me thingie and I plan on using that- its so much easier than a snowsuit.


qdogs_navywife3 - October 8

I live in Chicago and it gets pretty cold here in fact it has a couple of times already this year so I have already pulled mine out. I have a JJ-Cole Bundle Me and I love it. I still dress her warm and put a hat on her head but thats all I use. It has been crash tested and has been shown that the car seat will still work correctly with it on... unlike using a snow suit where the baby really isnt straped in the right way since you have to pull the straps way out to fit around the snow suit. I do however suggest to still buy a small jacket for those times you might have the baby out of the car seat. I bought a little fleece jacket from Carters.


DB - October 8

BUNDLE ME!!!! We rarely, if ever used a snowsuit or coat when my dd was littler (born 1/31/07)...we did a thick hat, a warm blanket, then zipped up the bundle me, then layered another blanket over the whole infant seat, then we'd remove layers as needed...peice of cake! Much easier than getting a small baby in and out of a snowsuit everytime you go out!


DDT - October 8

We have a Bundle Me for my ds's stroller (made for a baby up to 12 months old) and started using it about a week ago. It keeps him nice and snug for our walks. I've also bought a snow-suit & lots of sweaters. Also a very warm hat/touque covering his ears.


aliciavr6 - October 9

Ordered a BundleMe today from Amazon! Thanks ladies!! Sounds like I'm all set, I have a little coat, socks, hats, and now the bundleme.



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