Keeping Them Warm At Night

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Gretta - October 23

Its getting colder and we keep our heat up to 70 (any hotter and I am dying of night sweats) but even when we put dd in a onsie and footed fleecy pajamas her little hands and feet are cold. She is fine if we put her in a third layer of a sleep sack but now that she is getting older I don't want to inhibit things like her pulling up ect if she is in a sleep sack so I want to get rid of it. How are you keeping your babies feet and hands warm now that it is cooler?


madison - October 23

having the same problem! and, like you, dont want to use a sleep sack now that dd is crawling and pulling up in her crib. i've been using fleece footed pajamas but thats all and her room is the coldest room in the house! even with our heater on high her room is still colder than the rest of hte house. when she naps i put a light blanket on her but at night she moves around too much and would kick it off anyway. she's 7 months.


DDT - October 23

My ds's room is also kept at 70 and we put him to bed in a fleecy sleeper so his feet are covered. I have yet to feel cold hands or feet in the morning. Does she wake up during the night because she's cold? I don't think there is much else you can do about her hands. Unless its a problem (ie. causing nightly wakings) then I am sure she is fine. If you're desperate....hand mitts?? (I know my ds would PROTEST...he's a thumb sucker).


pregnantjackie - October 24

try socks....I keep my home at 66 degreees(a/c- we live in southern california so its hot)...I like it cold. My ds does too, much more than 1 layer and he gets fussy. He actually prefers to just be in a onesie...his feet and hands don't get cold tho...I mustve given birth to an eskimo


docbytch - October 24

If this is helpful to anyone...cold extremities by no means indicate that core body temperature in an infant is too low. It's very normal for a baby to have cold hands and feet. To check appropriate temperatures in a baby...feel the back of the baby's neck. You don't want their necks to feel cool to the touch (too cold) or sweaty to the touch (too warm). Hey pregnant jackie...I am an eskimo too. I love it cold. Hoping my ds turns out the same!!


wailing - October 25

I askes my pedi about the using a warm air humidifier and she said the only reason not to would be b/c the heating elements could be dangerous if the bb is near it, as is the steam. But, ds is only 4 months and can't get out of his crib and the humidifier is not anywhere near him so he is in no danger. So, as it gets colder, I plan on putting a warm air humidifier in his room. Helps tons w/ heating. And I'll also be using the fleece jammies.


countrymom401 - October 25

I live in canada and its is starting to get cold here during the night. I have put a space heater in my lo's room. I turn it on when I put him to bed and turn it off when he wakes up. Seems to work .


aliciavr6 - October 25

I have one of those little plastic oscillating heaters, kind of seems like a b__w dryer on steroids to me haha. But has a thermostat and was only $30 at Lowe's! It's on constantly.



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