Keeping Toddler Out Of The Oven

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Nerdy Girl - February 8

Has anyone found a good child-safety oven lock? My 14 month old son thinks it fun to open the oven. I’ve tried everything--- saying No!, Danger, Hot!, even gently tapping his fingers and looking very stern while I say these things but he still goes for it all the time. I bought a Safety First oven lock at Babies R Us but it doesn’t work with our GE Profile oven because it needs a flat surface above the door to adhere to, and our oven doesn’t have a flat surface above the door. I just ordered another one online that hooks to the side of the door, so we’ll see if that can fit my oven. I feel like a Cirque du Soliel contortionist when I have to keep my leg against the oven door while I lean to the side to wash vegetables in the sink!


ConnorsMommy - February 8

haha... we just have baby gates at both entrances to our kitchen.. sorry I'm no help with the oven lock = /


apr - February 8

oh goodness. I ''cant wait'' for my LO to get into that. He's already a mischief maker now and he's 6 months...


Lisastar9 - February 8

canyou bungee cord it closed .


sahmof3 - February 8

My son just tried this today. I always make him go and stand in the dining room when I put something in or take it out of the oven. I put some cookies in today and he came back in and tried to open it! You would think the appliance co.s would have put child safety features on these by now! I think I also have the Profile (I'll have to double check), but none of my kids ever tried this before now, so I'll have to start looking, too...


Nerdy Girl - February 8

Yeah, my daughter never did this, but my son is totally giving me gray hair already. The kid is into EVERYTHING! I actually talked to GE yesterday to find out if there was someway to override the electronics to force it to lock while cooking. (Hey, it could work.....I am an engineer by training.) The oven automatically locks when you set it to self-clean mode, so wouldn't it be a nice feature if you could optionally lock it while cooking?? Geez, you're right sahmof3, why the heck don't they have that already programmed in? Even if it weren't electronically programmed it, some sort of physical latch would be fine. Maybe we should invent this together and then we can be the millionaire mommies on Oprah who came up with a great idea......


Nerdy Girl - February 8

I forgot to say that my house is an extremely open layout ... you know where the kitchen sort of opens up into a big family room? I can't gate the kitchen off. The bungee might be a possibility though, so I will have to play around with that. Everything else is baby-proofed so I used to be able to leave him unattended for a minute while I did things like throw the laundry into the dryer, use the bathroom, etc. Now if I have something in the oven, I have to lug the kid all over the house with me.


sahmof3 - February 8

What would you bungee it to? My countertops are flush with the stove top. I can't even bungee it to cabinets on either side of the stove b/c my corner cabinet is the swivel door (not sure of the real name lol) type. Anyway, even if I did I would worry that he would unhook the bungees anad they'd whiplash him. UGH! Yeah, let's invent it. My nephew's wife has a degree in product design... we could enlist her aid! Anyhoo... mine's the same way... except w/ mine if you pull the lock across the self-clean automatically starts (I think lol)... I really do need to just go look at the thing.... I keep saying "I think"... I can't exactly picture it!


CyndiG - February 8

I copied this from One Step Ahead's website. Maybe it would work. Although I really like Nerdy Girls idea. The oven should automatically lock when in use. Anyway here's the ad............{Oven Front Lock "Padlock" your oven door. Put ovens off-limits, with our heat-resistant oven lock! Unlike others, it secures to the front of the door--not the side--so it can be used on ovens in snug spaces. Self-adhering; easy to use.}


Nerdy Girl - February 8

Cyndi, the One Step Ahead one is identical to the Safety First one that I bought and won't work with my oven due to no flat surface to adhere it to. It's a neat little invention though. I could probably sent it to one of you guys with flat oven door and underside.


kristie h - February 8

Honistley, people may not like this but i smacked my son hand and told him "NO HOT"!!. Weather you put somthing on it so he cant open the door he will most likley touch it even the sides of the oven. My son never touches the oven and when he looks at it he say "HOT" Even when i am baking and i open the door, he will walk out the kitchen and look at the oven saying "HOT" so he does know it will burn him, anyway thats what i did and it worked for me.



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