Kidney Infection What Caused It

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kimberly - April 23

My 8 month old dd had a bad kidney infection. She has been on antibiotics for a few days and is getting better now. My question is what could have caused this? I am concerned because I have issues with kidney stones and just pain in my kidneys in general. When pregnant with her I spent most of the time in the hostpital or ER with stones. This couldn't have anything to do with her having the infection would it? I know being paranoid...but I can't help it! lol!


britt_m - April 23

Maybe a urinary tract infection that lasted awhile undetected, it could have traveled up to the kidneys. No she couldn't have caught it from inside, since thats her own system. I hope she gets better soon!


kimberly - April 24

Thanks, I know she didn't catch the infection from me. I didn't have a kidney infection just stones and problems with my kidneys in general. I am worried about maybe some kind of family heriditary thing. My kidneys were only functioning 40% in my left and 80% in my right when they checked while I was pregnant. I am still having lots of back pain from my kidneys now.


britt_m - April 24

Maybe it could be hereditary. I'd definately start keeping a record of it, just incase it keeps happening. Then you can push the issue a little harder if you had to take her in later. Good luck.


kimberly - April 24

Thank You, I figure I will talk to her Dr. about it too. My dh is the one who took her because I was working so of course he didn't ask any questions.


staci - April 25

Hey kimberly. I just wanted to let you know that when my dd was 4 months old she has a bladder infection. They say most of the time in baby girls that it was caused by some of their poopy getting up in there causing the infection. My dd is b___st fed so she has runny poop and it splatters all over her private area. Now we are so paranoid that she will get it again that we check every time she pa__ses gas! Anyway, just thought I would let you know that that could be a reason why she had a kidney infection. Good l uck!



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