Kids And Sushi

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sophiasmom - January 29

Yesterday we were at a sushi bar, dh and myself had sushi and a chicken tempura for my 3yr old. He throw a fit in the middle of the restaurant because he wanted to eat sushi. We did not give him any. The place was very nice. .. I guess my question is that I don't know if is ok for him to eat it...Is there any age limit for sushi? Can kids eat raw seafood?


piratesmermaid - January 29

I don't know the exact answer to this but I think you did the right thing by not letting him have any. I know the recommend not giving shellfish until at least 2 years, and that's cooked, so I personally would wait another couple years. Although, can you order some cooked, like a fried shrimp or crawfish "sushi" something that is similar to what your eatting, but not raw?


LisaB - January 29

He can have califonia rolls as they are cooked and there is several other "safe" sushi choices that are cooked. I craved sushi all thru my pregnacny and now I can't stand it which is really sad as it was my favorite food. Be careful with the seaweed in wraps as it is sometimes tough. Call your ped and ask I'm curious..


flower.momma - January 29

My daughter's prediatrician gave the OK for sushi at 1 year. If the place looks nice enough for you, it should be nice enough for your 3-year-old. Though I would probably give him a taste before ordering him any. My 2-year-old dd hates it, and now whenever we go to our favorite sushi restaurant she screams "No Fooshi!". And no wasabi, hehe.


piratesmermaid - January 29

Really? I would have never thought at 1yr for sushi. Interesting.


aurorabunny - January 29

There is a website, I'm pretty sure this is the correct address, but if it's not I'm sure you can google it....kidsafeseafood dot cmon. I read about it in my last Parents magazine, they have a list of over 70 kinds of fish and seafood that it's okay for little ones to eat.


Rabbits07 - January 29

I would be really hesitant about giving a child anything raw....even a rare steak. Children have a harder time fighting off food borne illnesses than adults do. Clint, my 4-yo, had Camphylobacteriosis back in Oct. (he was 3 then) and it was very hard on him. He had fever, vomiting, and bloody stool for about 7 days. And camphylobacter is not as potent as salmonella or e.coli...I can only imagine what it would have done to a one year old. Even if a dr. okayed it I think I would stay clear just to be on the safe side.


ash2 - January 29

I wouldnt personally give a child with anything " fish " related untill they were at least 2 years of age. Just because of the allergies they can get. Lots of people find out they are allergic to fish way after they are over school age.


mcatherine - January 29

I didn't give my oldest sushi until he was around 5 or so - and then it may have only been California rolls or other things that were cooked or atleast semi-cooked like ahi tuna. He is now 11 and loves to go get sushi with us. Believe it or not - his favorite is eel.


sophiasmom - January 30

I just thought I will give you guys and update... I called the pedi and she said sushi should be Ok for a 3yr old, if the place is good, not spices though. My ds wanted the Nigriri Salmon. Salmon is a "good" fish with lots of benefits even if it is raw... and has very little prob. of being it...aurorabunny, thank you so much for the website! I love to eat it seafood and I found the website to be really helpful..



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