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DDT - November 25

Hi! When I posted a question on this topic a while back I remember you saying that you had done it before and it worked. So, I'm hoping to get some feedback from your experiences. My ds is 9 months old and I plan on starting the potty training process on Tues. The big question: How do you start? I have read that after every meal and bottle I should wait 20-30 mins and then put him on the potty for 2-5 mins. Praising when he does pee: "Good job for peeing in the potty!!" I do let my ds crawl around naked for a bit during the day and I've noticed that he doesn't always pee 20-30 mins after a bottle. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to when he pees. Should I just stick to the 20-30 mins rule anyway? Really, I just want him to get usd to the potty...I'm not expecting big leaps and bounds in the beginning at all. Also, I have bought a potty seat for the toliet...because I don't want to go through two steps from the free-standing kids potty to the big toliet. It is a very secure toliet potty seat made by Safety First. What are you using? what do you recommend? Sorry, for all the questions...I just want to make this a positive experience for him and hope that I have the right notions. The 2 books I have a very different on their notions on how to start so I'm looking for some first-hand experience. Thanks alot!!


kim00 - November 25

Congrats on wanting to give it a try. In the beginning, I focus on learning their natural cues they exhibit before and during elimination (remains briefly still and quiet, concentration, pats or grabs at crotch, fusses or cries, suddenly stops activity to stare into the distance.) And trying to introduce them to the potty. I take them to the potty when they wake up in the am and after naps, or when I notice their cues and I make a 'ssss' sound. The pooping cues are alot more noticable that the urinating cues. When you observe them urinating make a watery sound "sssss." Within days, they will a__sociate that sound with eliminating. It sounds like alot, and try not to get frustrated, just remind yourself you are trying to learn about your baby. Some babies have more subtle cues than others, but you will learn them. I think the hardest part is learning their cues. My dd who is now 4, had very subtle cues, I just put her on the potty every 2 hrs. But with my lo, who is now 13 weeks, she makes a noise that sounds like 'yaa' before she urinates, and she stares into space while she is going. That is really all I do. Some days are better than others, and set backs are going to happen. Don't expect too much too soon. Keep it positive and repet_tive, and he'll get it. As far as a potty seat, I don't remember what brand I used with my first, but it was an inexpensive one from walmart. I don't know what the books say, but this is how my mom trained my siblings and I, however she started at 12 mts and aimed for completion at 18mts. I hope it works for you and your lo. Best of luck, and I hope this helps and that it wasn't too scatterbrained, as my lo has been on my lap :)


cubbie - November 28

DDT, just wanted to let you know that I've started with Hallelli, although she's only 8 months she's sitting really well, so I thought I'd give it a go. I basically put her on 8-10 times a day, first thing in the morning, before and after naps, and before bed. I also put her on 20 mins after her bottles and sometimes I put her on after meals, but we're not always home then. It's so much easier than I was expecting and so far she's averaging making in the potty about 5 times a day. When she goes it's usually within 1 minute of putting her on, but if she hasn't done anything I keep her on for 5 minutes but take her off earlier if she starts showing signs of getting restless. Let us know how Caden is doing! By the way Hallelli hated the potty seat on the toilet and screamed when I tried to put her on it, but loves the potty, so that's what I'm using with her.


DDT - November 28

Thanks SO much for that info kim00! It is much appreciated! Cubbie: It's so nice to hear from you again. I haven't started the infant training with Caden yet but probably will in the next 1-2 days. We had visitors the last 2 days so I was waiting till they left to start. I will probably also put him on 20 mins after bottles and meals, and then once before his bath at night. So, thats about 6x a day (7, 8:30, 12, 2, 5:30, 6:30). That's so amazing that she is already "going" into the potty! She must be already a__sociating the potty with peeing. Ideally I would like him to use the toliet seat but if he is afraid of being up high like Hallelli, then I will go out and buy a free-standing potty. It is good to have someone else that doing this at the same time as me so we can exchange "notes"...and our lo's are close in age.


cubbie - November 29

Our computer kept getting sick which is why I've not been on very much recently! I'm not convinced that she a__sociates the potty with going yet, it's only been a few days and today she only peed once in the potty - I think it's still the luck of timing but I'm sticking with it. I know a lot of Russian women from the park, for whom this is the norm and swear by it, they said that I should just keep putting her on and making a big fuss when she goes and by her first birthday I can take the diapers away altogether, I'm staying hopeful, besides anything is better than fighting with a toddler who refuses to go in the toilet - I'm still there and it is hell! Tzahala wears a diaper at nursery in the morning as she refuses to go to the toilet there so when she gets home at 1.30 and I take the diaper away she holds in until bathtime and then knows she'll get a diaper for bedtime too. I'm waiting for the winter break when she'll be home all day with underwear and then when she goes back I'm just going to be really strict with the nursery about not putting her in a diaper even if she screams for one and has accidents all the time at the beginning, she's going to be 3 in Feb and this is getting beyond rediculous!!!!!!!!!


Bellas Mom - November 29

I wish I had more time to post on this and help out a little more. But I just wanted to say that the yahoo group helped me out a lot when I first started with dd (she's now 23 mo and has been out of diapers since 12 months, I started with her when she was almost 7 months) I just had a boy in Sept and I've already started with him :) My hubby laughs at me, but I've been catching most pees and a few poos a day without driving anyone crazy! I love it, much better than wiping a poopy diaper, especially after they start solids. I could NOT imagine chaging my daughter's diapers, they are worse than my own, lol!! ANyway going back to the group thing, it's an email list - one is the elimination communication (main group) and one is the "late starters". It's very helpful to be able to search the archives and post questions to hundreds of parents that have been there too.... hth


newbabyras - November 30

Bellas Mom - thanks for the group info. My ds is 8 months, and we've been doing it for a month with a ton of success. I'm just focusing on catching poops, but manage to catch a couple pees a day. my mom is his daily caregiver and she was such a skeptic at first - but now that she's seen it in action she's a believer. Have any of you incorporated any signing? ds signs for milk, so i've been teaching him the sign for potty - not sure if it's sinking in just yet.



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