Kind Of Weird

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amber - October 24

o.k....ever since i became a mom Im parinoid about everything!!!!! i cannot shake the feeling that somthing bad is going to happen. I dont want to fly,I dont want any long trips in the car, i cant leave her with anyone!!! Im ultra parinoid!!!!!! Help!!!!!Does anyone feel this way?


Steph - October 24

That is totally normal. I remember feeling the exact same way it will get better after time. I remember sitting in the living room one night after she had gone to bed and thinking of horrible things like her dying in a car accident and so on and so on. Enough to make myself cry...embara__sing yep. I think that as first time parents, it can be so overwhelming that you are responsible for another human who depends totally upon you for life...and you get scared of the "what ifs". You just need to not focus on bad what ifs, because you will be missing out on living your life normally..good luck to you and trust me, the older they get you will have no problem leaving them with your parents for a night away at times!! It's well needed!!


me - October 24

yeah it's perfectly normal, I can't trust my baby with anyone except me. I also wash my hands many times cos I am afraid I will spread germs on it's not just you.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 25

I felt that way at first too. I remember just being home from the hospital and all of a sudden panicking because I was totally responsible, my hubby too, for every aspect of this little tiny persons well being and I was overwhelmed. I thought about horrible things happening to him and it upset me. I think it is just the protective mommy thing kicking in. I did not want to leave him for a few weeks because only I could take care of him the right way. It gets a lot easier. He is 10 weeks old tomorrow and my family watches him while I work, they raised me fine and they take great care of him. Also the anxiety has subsided a bit. We will always worry for the rest of our lives about our kids.


Emma - October 25

I am paranoid about everything too. I can't let my 6 week old out of my sight at all--even if she's just in the other room with her grandpa or grandma. I also don't like taking long car rides or driving with her at night at all. And pretty soon, my husband and I have to go out of town for a day for court and we can't bring her with us. (Well, we could, but I don't want to take her on a 6 hour car ride just to sit in a court room waiting) My mom, who I love and trust dearly, is going to watch her for the day, and I am still paranoid as hell!! The thought of leaving my little girl for the day brings tears to my eyes. I just know that I'm going to be calling every hour to check on everything. And then the car ride down there?! And not knowing what is going to happen in court?! (My husband is facing prison for a non violent crime that happened over a year ago) Yeah, I'm a little stressed and paranoid, but I think I would be more worried if I wasn't. You know? At least you care and love your baby enough to ultra cautious. You are just being a good parent.


Heidi - October 25

Don't feel bad. Three days after Emma was home I had taken out a $100,000 life insurance policy on myself and discussed a will with my mother if anything should happen to the father and I, that she'd get our insurance and the house and Emma!!!!! So I know how you feel!



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