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mandee25 - February 6

Hey girl. I see you posted on the Venus thread. Yeah I am just fed up with myspace screwing me around. I think someone might have been messing with my account or something because my old one (that I cannot cancel) won't let me access it for some reason. Anyways, I did make a new one then said the heck with it and cancelled that one. I am doing pretty good. Adjusting to motherhood I guess. How are you making out?


mandee25 - February 7



mandee25 - February 8

bump again


KLT - February 8

Hey Mandee, saw your posting this morning and started to reply, only ds had other plans for me. He's been poopless for 5 days now and last nite was a very rough night for him - and us! Gave him some pear juice and today...major explosions six times!! He is a much happier little boy now!! haha. Overall we are doing well, I can't believe how fast they are growing!! Do you have a piczo account or somewhere with pics of your lo?


mandee25 - February 8

yes my piczo site is littlemannoah007 piczo com. I just created it today.


KLT - February 13

Just went to check it out (i'm at work) and nowthey are telling me I have to leave because of the weather...will get back to it when I can. My site is acting up..not sure why. Its deleted over half the pictures I put up of my baby boy! Hmph. Don't know when i'll have a free moment to actually upload again... blah.


mandee25 - February 13

I tried checking out your piczo site but it said the page didn't exist or something like that when I clicked on your picture in the comment box you made on my site. Take care and be careful driving in the snow. I guess we are supposed to be getting a storm tomorrow here in NB Canada.


KLT - February 13

Arg...you are kidding me! I swear I hate that site..its given me nothing but trouble! haha. Maybe when I have more time I will find somewhere else to put my pics up.. or try and fix that one. I'd say checkout my myspace account b/c theres pics there but I don't think you can view if you don't have an account yourself.. I'll let you know when I get something worked out.



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