Lack Of Sleep Is Starting To Catch Up With Me

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amanda17 - July 9

DD is 5 weeks and I've been coping fairly well with the lack of sleep I've been getting up until about two days ago. I've been falling asleep while br___t feeding, when I'm rocking her to sleep (Thank goodness I have a Bobby haha), while eating, doing homework, etc. etc... Then I lay down to go to sleep and I can't! I just lay there, staring at the ceiling. Then the second I get up to do something my body goes limp. I think if I could just get her to sleep through the night and I was well rested I could handle everything, but right now I'm running on empty. When is the soonest she'll be able to sleep through the night and what are some tips on how to teach her to?


HeavenisMine - July 9

Ah the wonderful world of parenthood. I was getting eight hours a week sometimes in the beginning, so first of all, take comfort you are not alone! I started keeping my baby up a little more in the day time by the time she was two months old. She hated it, (I let her nap still don't worry), but at night I wouldn't let her nap after eight pm, and I could start getting her to sleep six hour stretches. Oh I loved that,. As she got older she began taking maybe three short naps a day and then gave me longer stretches at night. By four 1/2 months I got her sleeping twelve hour stretches at night, and I swear I didn't even force her or anything. I would wake up eleven or twelve hours later and freak, like "My baby isn't awake!" I would run over, peak in and there she would be just waking up and be happy as a lark. We need our sleep too though! In the beginning, don't be surprised if you're like a car being manually pushed, running on empty, it stinks but ech. You can try any time you like, getting her to maybe stay up a little while longer at night so she'll sleep longer. At this age though they do need to be fed more often. :) You have all my sympathies.


DDT - July 9

My ds1 was 11 weeks old when he started sleeping from 11pm to 7am. BUT he was 100% formula-fed from 5 weeks on. My d2 is also 5 weeks old and averages at a 3-4 hr stretch at night, which means he goes to "bed" at about 8-9pm and wakes up 2x before we all start the day at 6-7am. How long does your dd sleep for before she wakes up for a feed? Some babies automatically just start sleeping in longer stretches from about 8-12 weeks old. Others need help by implementing a routine. A good book I used with my ds1 (and have started using with ds2) is "Baby Whisperer" (the 3rd edition). Having a bath time every night seems to help my ds2.


Malica - July 9

Can you pump or supplement with formula and get your husband to let you sleep through one feeding? My DD inherited my "sleep genes" and was sleeping through the night at 5 weeks without us having to do a thing. But I realize this is not the norm -- her cousin only started sleeping through the night at 1 year. :(


DDT - July 9

Oh I also agree with Malica...get significant other to occasionally do a night shift for you. Pump a bottle before hand.


Crystal83 - July 9

When my lo was newborn, I would let her sleep with me, it really does help them to sleep better and longer. Then when she would wake up for a feed I would nurse her on my side lying down with her body turned towards mine and most of the time I would fall right back asleep and wake up a couple hours later with her either still latched on and sleeping or most of the time she just unlatched when she was full and went back to sleep. I never changed her during the night unless I could smell she was really wet or poopy. I have never turned any bright lights on or spoke to her during the night with more than a whisper. Try to get your lo into some sort of a routine and that will help. My dd is 10 months old and I've only had maybe 3-4 bad nights with her where I was up with her for more than 30 min in the night. She goes to bed by 9:30 pm and wakes up around 9-9:30 am, in fact I wake up before her half the time. So I hope maybe some of these ideas might help you out a bit. This is my 3rd dd so I kinda like to think I know what I'm doing some of the time, lol, but I really feel for you. When I had my first dd I had never been so tired in my life and it was very frustrating at times. Don't worry you'll get through this and eventually you will sleep somewhat normally again. *hugs* :)


fefer1 - July 9

Poor Amanda - I feel for you. My dd was a nightmare child - she never slept and had colic and acid reflux. Talk about NO sleep...ugh. I did read a book called "healthy sleep habits happy child" and it shed some light on how to schedule sleep time. I personally would highly recommend the book. In the meantime - maybe some formula at night time??? Sometimes it helps them sleep longer - maybe once in a while so you can get some rest. I don't know if your fiance was staying with you but he could always feed her for a night so you can rest. I did a lot of what crystal did with my dd. Fed her in bed laying on my side and we'd fall asleep and a couple hours later she'd eat again but I just had to roll us over. :) I fell asleep in the chair with the boppy too - if you have a recliner it's great! I can't complain with round two because Levi sleeps really good and has from week one. Another book I read recommends having them up and eating at 7am and in bed by 7pm, with no longer than 1-2 hours of awake time at a time. I think the schedule was something like 7am, 10 am, 12:30. 2:30, 5pm, 7pm..for eating, and to bed after the last feed - they will eat again probably at 10 pm but should sleep till around 4am. I can't remember it exactly but it was something like that. Getting them on a schedule supposedly helps. I have to say, it probably works because we had to train my dd to sleep at 5 MONTHS because she hadn't been on any sort of schedule and it was horrible By 6 months she was regulating and we were able to cut out her 1am feed time. It was hard work and I wish I had started earlier because once they get in the habit of eating at a certain time it's hard to retrain them. :) Sorry, there isn't a miracle cure for it -each kid is different too. Hope some of these ideas help though!!


amanda17 - July 9

Thanks everyone!! I will try all of your advice and see what works for her. Lately she's been eating every two hours for 45 minutes at a time (I think she's getting ready for a growth spurt) and she had colic so it takes forever to put her back to sleep. I'm kind of scared to give her formula because I hear sometimes they don't take the b___st anymore. I was planning on getting a pump though, I just haven't had the time.


Cjordan - July 13

chrystal83--random question---when did you stop sleeping with your baby. Im still sleeping with my 5 1/2 month old. Very hard habit to break for both of us. Just wondering if you had any suggestions other than "cry it out".


durante baby - July 14

I may be repeating what others said because I didnt read the others post, so excuse me if I do....I would try to make a set schedual for her. Make a chart feeding her STRICTLY every three hours like recomended. Includeing during the night. teach yourself not to just feed her during the night because it keeps her quiet...That was always hard for me because i learned I could just feed my boys and sleep at the same if she wakes up dont feed her unless it is her feeding time...keep in mind too that as annoying as it is it doesnt kill a baby to cry a little. If you teach her that everytime she whines she wont get attention, then she will either sleep more during the night, or will just entertain herself....TRUST me this helps alot PERMANANTLY!! my 10month old is such a GREAT baby!! he only crys when he really needs something. but he wasnt always that way...Do all of this may cause you a little more sleepless nights but will help her learn to sleep through the nights, and be self amuseing. especially when b___stfeeding, is difficult, because they rely on your body when trying to relax. GL hope you get some sleep!


amanda17 - July 14

I've been doing pretty good since I posted this :) It hasn't even been a week yet and I got her to sleep in four to six hour blocks! I give her a bath before bed and use the Johnson's bedtime bath that works really well for getting her to sleep, then I feed her and rock her. If she's feeling a little fussy and not sleeping very well I take her in bed with me, otherwise she does fine in her crib as long as she's swaddled really tightly (she likes it when I double swaddle her with two blankets). Yesterday I gave her some gas drops and gripe water so her colic, gas or hiccups wouldn't wake her up and she slept the entire night! I feel rested for the first time in months, it's great. :)


newlywed0915 - July 14

I'm glad you're starting ot get some sleep Amanda!!! The other night Dante woke up 12:30,than 3:00am and was up till 6:15, then up again at 7:10. I thought I was going to go crazy. After that last feeding I woke Dh up and begged him to burp Dante so I could sleep for jsut an hour. Lol. I've hit the point of deliruim during the day several times after not being able to sleep too. I will jsut burst out laughing for no reason or laugh at I'm drunk. And it feels that way


amanda17 - July 14

Poor newlywed! Ellie used to have a schedule pretty similar to that so I know what you mean! Is Dante really fussy or does he just not want to sleep?


newlywed0915 - July 14

hes just really fussy sometimes. He wants to be held until he falls into a deep sleep, so his burping session is usually 15 to 20 minutes long! Mainly he is always eating, and then wants me to rock him to sleep too, so a feeding usually lasts about an hour at night after all is said and done.


Crystal83 - July 15

Cjordin- sorry it took so long to answer. I'm still kind of dealing with it too, lol! I put my lo down in her crib to sleep now and if she wakes up I go in a lay her back down, give her paci and blanket. But if she is adamant about staying awake I will give her a bottle in her crib, she's 10.5 months now though. With all my lo's I let them come back into bed with me anytime after 5AM, because that way they sleep a little longer in the morning and I can get a little extra sleep too. My oldest 2 stopped popping into bed with me by the time they were about 18 months because they just slept through, but I was strict with them about bedtime, they could not come into my bed before 5 AM, that way I could go to bed without sharing the bed and have a few hours of sleep to myself even if it meant I had to keep putting them back in their beds for half an hour. Putting your lo to bed in their crib drowsy, but not fully asleep helps too, because they are still kind of awake enough to know that you have put them in their own crib. Your lo is still quite young, but you can start by putting he/r to sleep in he/r crib and then when s/he wakes up try putting he/r back down by making he/r comfy and if that doesn't work, just bring he/r into bed with a bottle/nursing and when s/he falls back to sleep put he/r back in he/r crib, stay consistent with it and s/he will learn that he/r crib is for sleeping and s/he start to sleep longer and longer. That's what has worked for me anyway, so hopefully some of that might work for you too!



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