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Shelly - March 10

Jesse just turned 7 months yesterday,I don't have a problem with him sleeping at night,he has always done great! [don't hate me : ) ] Anyhoo,he always has had this thing about sleeping with his nose against something,as newborn against the side of his "snuggle bed" and sometimes against the rails from his crib,sometimes his nose is red in the morning9from the pressure).He knows how to roll over from back to tummy real well but still has troubles from tummy to back (sometimes he can do it).During "tummy time" he elevates his whole chest and when he lays down he will move his head to the side,now last night I did not sleep atall cuz he kept rolling over on his tummy and putting his face flat against the mattress!!!!! This is a suffucation risk,because he sleeps very deep at night,I am soooo afraid he will kill himself doing this.....I don't know if he is going to keep doing that,I turned him over a dozen timeslast night.What can I do? I am so worried!!


layney - March 11

if you can afford an amby bed, get one of those - he won't be able to do that in one of those beds. other than that, i have no idea what to tell you - sounds dangerous, for sure.... can he sleep in a swing or bouncy seat or anything for awhile, just to let YOU get some sleep?


Zacks Mom - March 11

I would let Zack sleep on his sides and put 2 rolled towel next to him. One for him to hug and something closed to his face, and the other to wedge at his back. I also placed a wedge behind his head under his baby pillow but behind his head so that he'll feel "surrounded".


C - March 11

I'm not an expert so I don't want to tell you one thing and be wrong so I will stress this is just my opinion. I read somewhere (probably in what to expect the first year) that once the baby can turn over that you don't need to turn them off of their belly anymore. They say the risk of SIDS decreases a lot at this point. It is weird that he puts his face into the mattress while he sleeps though. They do sell those monitors that you can put under the mattress that will tell you if they stop breathing for a certain period of time. I'm not sure how accurate they are but it's something worth looking into.


TRP - March 11

They sell those little positioners where you can keep them on their backs. It's like 2 wedges and some cloth in the middle and cloth covering the wedges. The wedges go between the arms and the cloth goes under the back. I tried that with my dd, but it didn't work because she was too determined to roll over and stay awake! But it's worth a try if you're worried. Otherwise, I don't know what you could try.


Kerry - March 11

Can he sit up yet?


Chelle - March 11

Shelly, I'm having the same problem. I was actually going to post on this subject also. My daughter is 7 months old and loves to roll over. For the last month or so she rolls on her tummy in her sleep and puts her face flat on the mattress. I'm always going in there to check on her and turning her over. I just can't bring myself to let her sleep on her tummy, I'm to nervous. I have two rolled blankets on either side of her but she's so determined to roll that she just keeps working at it. I haven't found a solution yet, I'm hoping she'll just grow out of it. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone.


Shelly - March 11

Thank you ladies,Chelle ....I am sorry you are having this problem too but I am happy I am not alone.I have the sleep positioners but only used it till he was 3.5 months old,he just fussed himself out of it,I went to target to see for a different kind but they are 0-6 months and Jesse is a big strong boy.I will not get one of those SIDS monitors,I heard different things about them and I would have a heartattack with one of their false alarms ( they are known for that) , Last night he did fine and didn't roll over but it is still keeping me from sleep,I may have to talk to his pediatrician about it,but thank you for your tips and info.I am going to google for one of those amby beds,since I don't know what it is.Thanks!!



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