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DDT - June 9

Anyone's lo have this or has anyone heard of it before and have any info on it? My 9 day old ds is continually making squeaking, rasping noises especially when he is nursing or crying. The noise can become quite unbearable to hear and worrisome. Last night he even managed to projectile's like he is choking on air. He has been like that since he was born. He even had a choking episode at the hospital because - we were told anyway - "he had too much mucus in his stomach after a short pushing stage during labour." We had the nurse perform a lung saturation test that came back with flying colours. We were told not to worry and that the mucus would work itself out within a couple of days. Well, that hasn't been the case and after searching on the web I came across laryngomalacia which sounds really similar to what my ds is like. I have a doc appointment for him tomorrow so I will be asking him but thought I would try and get any input beforehand. Thanks!


kay101 - June 10

Does it sounds sort of like he's grunting all the time? That's how my son was his first day in the nicu when they put him on a little oxygen. I was told he'd swallowed fluid that normally would have been squeezed out during a v____al delivery (I had a c-section and they actually stuck a tiny tube down his throat and into his stomach to get it out of there. It's possible your ds just has a little bit of reflux. Mine spits up a lot and also did the projectile spit up with bad hiccups until I put him on Enfamil AR. He seems to be doing well with that, my dd was the same way.


jen327 - June 10

My son had this and reflux. Your LO might have reflux too. That is often what causes the airway to close because of the acid. I want to say my LO grew out of it around 4 months. We insisted that the Pedi order us an apnea monitor because he turned blue one day because he was choking. It is scary and I know how you feel. Try and relax and know that he will be fine. I used to just pat him on the back when it happened, but soon you will relax about it. one day I was shopping and he started to gag and I had learned he would just "recover" soon and to let him be. This women was walking by and was shocked, She said Maam your baby is choking, I smiled and said I know, thanks. And kept walking. Nothing will stop it, he just has to calm down and relax so his laryx will open back up. In fact I learned that painicing made it worse. So she started to say this prayer in spanish over his head. It freaked me out. And him. Anyway, let me know if you need to talk or vent, it is rare adn I had trouble finding support. My LO is 10 months old now and long over it. But check the reflux thing out because medicaiton for that made the LMP much better.


kay101 - June 10

My daughter had an apnea monitor too because she'd spit up in her sleep.....I didn't know what I'd do without that security with my ds. I got an angel care deluxe monitor which picks up even the slightest movement ie their breathing. You can look it up but it's awesome and I sleep so well knowing I have it and don't have to obsessively check to make sure he's breathing. An alarm goes off if they don't for I think 2O seconds. It's awesome and I reccomend it to EVERY mom just because it's such a mind easer.


DDT - June 10

Thanks so much for responding ladies! Well, we told my doc about his breathing today and all the other symptoms and he agreed with us. He is our family doc so he suggested two possiblities: Laryngomalacia (which is more common than you think but some people overlook it & there are different degrees of it) or paralysis of the vocal chord/s (rare and scary sounding). He referred us to a specialist who inserted one of those camera tubes into ds's nose to check out his voice box/larynx (horrible to watch...I thought my heart would break listening to him cry) and he has dignosed it as laryngomalacia (floppy/soft larynx). Apparently he will outgrow it by the time he is 12-18 months and that it will get worse before it gets better because the increased need for oxygen with physical activities the more pronouced the stidor. That's why it gets worse when he is nursing or crying. I am such a worry wart now because it seems so easy for him to choke. If he gets works up a little it's like he forgets how to breathe. Ever since he has been home we have been co-sleeping (much to my df's dismay who has been kicked to the couch...double bed isn't big enough for 3). The specialist said it helps to have them on their belly when sleeping but only to do this with supervision (which we do already), to have him sleeping on a incline and on his side as much as possible. We haven't spoken about reflux yet. Ds doesn't spit up so I am inclined to think he may not have it. But I do have another appointment with my family doc in 4 weeks and another one with the specialist in 3 months. kay101: I may just invest in one of those angelcare monitors so that df can have his bed back. Thanks!


mami71 - June 13

Hi DDT. My son who is 2 now, had it from birth. It was the scariest thing ever. he had some choking episodes as a newborn that really, really scared me. Our pediatrician said he would outgrow it by 6 months or so, but he may have stridor (the sqeak/grunt) for a while after. He seemed to "get used" to breathing that way as he got older, and eventually stopped sqeaking/rasping. Now the only time i hear it is when he's very active and a lil short of breath, he'll do a tiny lil rasp. It was so hard to find info on this because it dosnt happen often (at least not the degree my son had it). Everyone was convinced he had asthma. I knew it wasnt. Between 0-3 months he would breathe in so hard you could see his little throat going scary!


karibmomof3 - June 13

My son has this. It is very scary. It's sounds like he is congested ALL THE TIME. It's better now that he is older but when he was an infant people would constantly stare or say, "is he sick". I would definately get him checked by an ENT. they can put a tiny scope down his throat and see. i know it sounds awful but it's quick and essentially painless. GOOD LUCK!!!


hbdub - March 4

My son was just diagnosed with this at 3 weeks old. Just wondering how it turned out with your LO. I need some hope and a good story right now as this is so scary. Hopefully you all can give me something positive. Thank you.



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