Last Night Was Weird

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Shelly - October 14

Jesse is always apretty easy happy baby.Last night i had changed his diaper,fedhim and he was in his bouncey chair just smiling.Then out of the blue he started getting fussy and soon that changed over to the loudest cry i ever heard,my mom happened to be there so i asked her to fix me abottle,well Jesse started crying so hard he was almost choking himself andgot bright red,my momcame runningand said "take him to the hospital" but i said let my try the bottle.Well the moment i gave him the bottle he was totally quiet.And this was around 9-9:30 pm,he fell asleep close to 10:00Pm and did not wake up until 6:00AM,this would havebeen the perfect oportunity to sleep a full night but ikept waking up every 30 minutes to check onhim.This morning he is perfectly fine,ate 6 oz had dirty/wet diaper and is back a sl;eep.(last night and thismorning i did checkhis temperature,gumsand gave him mylicon drops just in case it was gas) I justdon't know what to think of this,was this early sign of having a temper/att_tude?


Jamie - October 14

Sounds to me like he just got really hungry really quickly...did you maybe not notice early hunger cues? Was the bottle a little later than normal?


BBK ® © - October 14

Anna does that once in a while. I'd say he's fine. Don't forget that they are little and their nervous system is not mature yet; they get overstimulated easily, especially at night so they may even "forget" to ask for food when they are initially hungry, and plus the suckling sooths them. You should also expect him to get hungrier now. Anna started getting fussy at around two months of age and we found out she wanted to eat more that time.


Shelly - October 14

No,he usually lets me know ifhe is hungry or if iam not sure i put my finger on hisbottom lip and he starts "fishing' that means he is hungry,but he totally ignored the finger,and ihad just given him 5 oz about 30min before this happened.I mean he was hysterical!!!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 14

Amaya started doing this about 2 1/2-3 months old. Before she would just get fussy when she was hungry but now when she gets hungry she is hungry right then and there and doesnt care who hears or where she is! Just the other night we were at a friends house and she was just happy, smiling and talking then then all of a sudden she started crying to where she wasnt even making a sound it was so hard and loud. She was gagging and they thought something was wrong with her, I had to explain that is the way she tells us she is hungry! Now I know about the time inbetween bottles and can usually feed her before she thinks she is starving! She does have a little att_tude and gets mad when she hears the word "no" It is really funny. She has started throwing little tantrums too! She is only 5 months old so it is really funny but she will arch her back and kick. Other than when she is doing that she is always happy. She is never fussy either very happy or very mad. No inbetween! Good luck Shelly but I think Jesse is just fine and was letting you know that when he says something he means it! LOL


BBK ® © - October 14

Shelly, I wouldn't worry. I remembered now Anna got hysterical when I opened the window blinds one time. (she wasn't even facing the window) I mean she sounded possessed! We even took her temperature and called the doc. It wasn't anything....


Narcissus - October 14

I bet he is teething. The exact thing happened to me when Aja started this process. I freaked. The pain is too much for them to handle when it first starts. I used Tylenol to help Aja.


Narcissus - October 14

Wait, he is not old enough to teethe is he?


Narcissus - October 14

Okay, I checked his age. Sorry. My mind is mush. I will vote for sudden and intense hunger:)


monica - October 14

caleb does this too, he doesnt always open his mouth either when he is hungry and i put my finger on his lip.


jorden - October 14

it was probably just gas. I know Logan did that when he was born and up until 2 months. He would just scream out of no where. And he would cry so hard he would turn red and wouldnt breath for like 8 secs. and it always scared me and i would bounce him and he would let out a really loud it was probably just gas.


chelsey - October 14

Good morning! Shelly, last night was weird for you too? Must have been the moon! Gabriel went for a cat nap at 6 p.m, and didn't wake up until 12:30 a.m. He ate like 2 oz, and fell back asleep until 4. And from 4 a.m on, he has been crying hysterically! I've never heard these sounds come from him before! I try to feed him, he'll only drink about 1 1/2 oz, settle for a bit, then freak out again! Right now he's swinging, so he's sort of happy, but I bet it wont last for long! This is very out of the norm for Gabriel! I'm always telling people what an excellent baby he is and that he rarely cries, I hope he doesn't make me eat my words! How is Jesse now?


mom42 - October 14

I vote gas, but that is what causes nutso behavior in my baby.


another crazy baby - October 14

i vote for the moon:) my 3 week old, that amazingly enough sleeps 3-4 hours at a time before waking up to feed, was up all day yesterday and all night last night. i'm not kidding, he only slept about 3 times for about 45 minutes each. wow. and this was in the last 24 hours. he wasn't crying or anything, he was just happy and wanted to sit up on mommy or daddy's lap and look at all the colorful blobs. maybe its a conspiracy(sp?) between babies....have you noticed any unusual activity on your computers? maybe they'r communicating with each other! lol just kidding



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