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Rhiannon - January 20

My babies have recently started to laugh more, but I find that it is easier for other people to make them laugh. I really have to work to get the laughs, but my dh or brother can get them laughing so hard they puke. I'm feeling inadequate. Are they bored of me? Does anyone else feel this way?


mcatherine - January 20

My son never laughs at me. I make a fool of myself all the time trying make him laugh. He still doesn't even talk to me as much as he does other people (or his toys). All my 11 year old and husband have to do is walk through the door and he is full of giggles for them. I guess it bothers me until he's upset and doesn't want anyone but me and I see the look on my husband's face - knowing exactly what he is feeling. I guess I try to tell myself that as long as something makes him happy - its all good!


Hana - January 20

Of course they aren't bored of you...remember that babies see their mummies as an extension of themselves so they find it odd to laugh at 'part' of themselves now. The only way I can get ds to laugh is sit him on my chest with his legs around my neck holding his hands and i bounce him up and down really hard and scream 'bouncy bouncy baby!!' . How old are your babies anyway? Maybe they just need time. And also remember that they love no one better than mummy...youre their life, they are so in love with you and no one can ever fill your shoes..sure others can make them laugh, but YOU are the one that they need and love most.


Rhiannon - January 20

wow. Thanks. Both of you made me feel so much better. It's true, sometimes they cry and won't stop for anyone but me. Hana, my babies are 5 months now. Hana, your comments also made my eyes tear up. Thansk again, you made my night.


bbelmore - January 21

James laughs more for DH too. I think it's because when he looks at me he sees: b___b, comfort, care, love and naptime. When he sees DH he sees funguy who isn't afraid to put me on his shoulders and spin in circles.


ash2 - January 21

LOL, My oldest son is practically the only one that can make him laugh...i think it might be the " kid " look that he has, and mainly because he sees us most often that it doesnt faze him because we are always trying !



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