Laughing Outloud

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lizzy11 - February 25

This has probably been asked before. Sorry. When do they start laughing outloud? I think Hannah is trying but is not quite there. She's 11 weeks old. Should I be expecting it soon? Thanks Lizzy


ash2 - February 25

I think DH started around 4 months ?? I dont remember exactly but he has been doing it at least untill then. He started smiling way before then though. I would look for that ...


Erynn21 - February 25

Nora did at 3.5 months, although she really did at 3 months, but it was in her sleep, so I didn't really think it counted. When she did for real my hubby made her chuckle really hard, it is the CUTEST sound in the world. There is nothing better to my ears than baby laughter.


BriannasMummy - February 25

Ka__sidy is 11 weeks and she definatly laughs out loud right now. Her sister makes silly faces at her.. and she giggles.. its one of my favorite sounds! ~Kristin~


Hana - February 25

Ds did it in his sleep at two weeks (no one believed me until they witnessed it!) but consciously began to do it around 3.5 months.


AshleyB - February 25

Hi, my ds is also 11wks, he's kinda laughing, it sounds like a squeal and then a wheeze, it's hilarious. He's trying!


Mommy_to_be - February 25 dd did the same thing (lol in her sleep from around 3 weeks on)...My daughter started consciously laughing a couple days short of being 3 months old...but only does it for her daddy!


mandee25 - February 26

My 14 week old son still hasn't laughed out loud yet but I am waiting. He has almost done it. I can tell he is trying to.


baby-love - February 26

Hana, my baby started laughing in his sleep at two weeks also. I was so surprised. Now he is three months old and still only laughing in his sleep. Waiting for the day he laughs out loud while awake...


Momof5 - February 26

I think Kaden was like 3-4 months now he can't stop laughing.. It is so cute!!


ashtynsmom - February 26

Ashtyn was around 12-15 weeks. She would giggle, and it would make me crack up!!



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