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Christy - October 31

Hi, all. I am due in less than a month and wondering if I have too many clothes in the 0-3 month size. I have 8 or more sleepers, a dozen or so onesies, a few outfits, and 4 of those side snap long-sleeve shirts. I also have 3 of those fleece sleeping bags (which may be good with winter coming and gas prices skyrocketing) and 4 cotton ones. A lot of the stuff was given as gifts. Not sure if I should return some of it or not. What are you guys finding necessary and do you think I have too much?


Liana - October 31

christy, I don't think you have too much at all, sometimes you go through the onsies and outfits like nothing, because your baby will be eating often and it will get messy ;-) also, you want to have a lot so that you can wah a lot of things toh=gether at the same time since you have to wash the babies clothes seperate with special detergent. well, I don't know if you have to but I did with hypoallergenic stuff. Anyway, you will be busy enough wth the baby so you don't want to be doing her/his laundrey all the time!!! Good luck


new mom - October 31

i was crazy too before having my son,,i buyed so many expensive cloths for him and now when he is seven weeks i ended being a looser,,my son is growing so fast that he didn't wear much i bought and i have to buy bigger size..know i blve my husband that it was waste of money


Katie - October 31

I think if you like doing laundry then you have too much. I have found that I never have enough. I would keep them.


HP - October 31

Keep them. Babies puke, drool, pee, and poo a lot, and you'll need to change him / her often. Other thing you'll need alot is receiving blankets. The more clothes your baby has, less often you have to do laundry. Just buy bigger sizes if you want them to last.


Jbear - November 1

Shirts and pants can be worn longer than sleepers. I have about as much stuff as you described, and my daughter is 10 weeks and still wearing most of it. The more you have, the less often you have to wash.


Nini - November 1

I would say that is not too much because they goo though them so fast.I change my daughters clothes about 3 to 4 times aday.unfortunately my daughter was early and born in july and i had over 60 sleep in pjs and they were extremly hot and now that she needs them she is too big for 0-3 months.I would say buy alot of 3-6 and 6-9's.


Ruth - November 1

I think that you have more than enough. Concentrate more on the 3-6 months and bigger. They grow so fast. My son is 3 weeks and he's already fitting most of his 3-6 months clothes. He can wear both 0-3 and 3-6 right now. I wish people had concentrated more on 3-6 for my gifts, so that he could grow into them and then continue to wear them and get more use out of them. They just grow so fast!


karine - November 1

no i think your fine i was always the kind of person to go berserk on clothing. my kids had enough clothing to share for quads LOL...they had like 30pyjas...30outfits....25 onesies...lots of matching sox....of the same size. i had so much that i was able to get well over 650$ for my daughters newborn to 18/24mts clothing. i still am like that. both my toddlers have a huge closet LOL.


Narcissus - November 1

You can always keep the tags on half the items and return them if you find you did not need them. That is what I did.


New mom - November 1

My mistake was that i bought too many preemies coz i new he will be tiny at the beginning and later even before two days when i went to target i bought too many 1 month dresses which he might use now only for a week i was stupid not keeping in my mind that he will grow it's better to to buy bigger than just of that time..


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 1

Lucas only wore his 0-3 clothes for about 4 weeks, but he wore everything due to having to change him so much. Now he is starting to outgrow some 3-6 mos and he is 11 weeks old! He did fit in his newborn clothes for about 4 weeks though. I already have a huge rubbermaid container full of clothes he already does not fit in. I would keep them though. They go thru them as quick as they outgrow them. We had a huge issue with finding diapers that do not leak, so until we found Target diapers, we were going thru 3 sleepers a night!. It is just starting to get cold so he never even got to wear his newborn onesies, and his next size up I used to put him in to sleep before it got chilly. I would say you would need more warm sleepers than onesies. My son just gets too warm with them on under his clothes.


Toya - November 1

No...those are definitely not too many clothes...The way those diapers are going to leak, you'll need them!!!!!!!!!!


BBK ® © - November 1

Being that babies, especially newborns have little control of their digestive system you can never have too many; Sizewise.... maybe. My daughter (born 7lbs and 11 oz) was on newborn "stuff" for about 5 days, NB diapers for about 10 days, then it was 3-6 mo and size 1 diapers for the next 4 to 6 weeks or so.... keep half in returnable condition because babies grow fast. We have lots of stuff she wore either once or never :-)


jo - November 1

It really depends how big your baby is at birth, mine was just under 10 lbs and she went straight into the 3-6 month size.


same as jo - November 1

we skipped right over 0-3 months. fortuantely I got good tips from the mommies at work and didn't buy too many of those. We also skipped the newborn diapers. If you know your going to have a big baby, skip the 0-3 month stuff esp the socks. Her little feet looked like snausages in them.


Christy - November 1

You guys rock. Thanks for the responses. Baby has een measuring big on the ultrasounds. We are having a repeat done Thursday, but he was like measuring around 6lb 12oz at 34 weeks. I think I will hold onto the receipt for the stuff I bought- if I use it, great, if not, I will exchange it for stuff in the 3-6 month size.



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