Lbs And Kgs

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apr - March 8

does anyone know how to divert kg's to lbs? my baby is 8.5kgs and i want to know what that is in lbs, so all the US mums will know wat i'm talking about...


mcatherine - March 8

18.7 pounds!


BriannasMummy - March 8

Lmao.. I never know how to do it.. so i found this AWESOME website that has ALL conversions. ww Hopefully that helps you out a bit! mcatherine is totally correct though.. 18.7lbs! ~Kristin~


BusyBee - March 8

Multiply the weight in kg by 2.2 to get the weight in pounds.


apr - March 8

MC-is 18.7lbs alot for a 7 month old? aggghhh he's HUGE


Steph - March 8

apr, I think that 18.7 lbs for a 7 month old is just fine! Trevor is a little over 8 months and he's 19.6lbs. He'd probably weigh more, but he kept getting sick over the past month.


chrissi79 - March 8

apr - that's cousin's ds was 25lbs at 7 months!!!!!


sahmof3 - March 8

My youngest was 20 lbs. at a month, so no problem with 18 ;-)


sahmof3 - March 8

I'm a ditz.... I meant 20 lbs. at 7 months. *laughing at the stupidity of myself*.


apr - March 8

sahmof3-I got a real shock there lol


mcatherine - March 8

Hudson weighed 18.11 the day before he turned 6 months - and was 29.5 inches long - so I would call Mandy normal - look at all the other posts...(sahmof3 - 20 pounds at a MONTH? - holy cow - how big is he now?)


Lindsey - March 8

sahmof3, I laughed so much when i read your error that I've woken my ds up lol. It just tickeled me, my dh was like WTF!


cae - March 8

1kg = 2.2lbs


mcatherine - March 8

duh...I guess I was on the phone at the saem time and missed the correction?


apr - March 9

MC-You had me ROFL. I wasnt sure if you were serious or not until I read ur 2nd post. 20lbs at a month!!! hahaha


LollyM - March 9

lol this post is silly =) I did see a baby on tv who was 18lbs when he was born! He was HUGE! His head it's self was bigger than Ava! lmao! The mom wasn't even that big, but the news reporter called her a "robust" woman. I laughed and thought, "duh, of course you get a bust when you have a baby!". =) apr, 18.7 lbs is just fine. Ava is 16 lbs, but she is a girl so they tend to be a bit smaller at this age =)


sahmof3 - March 9

Whoa, LollyM! 18 lbs. at birth. I hope she had a c-section!!!! Ouch!



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