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AmberLee - March 11

My son was hospitalized last week for a lead level of 47. His levels are dropping now, and are now at 19. He had to get poked and prodded at the hospital, IVs and all that nastyness. Now my question is, Should I sue the landlord for negligence? I rent, and my home we determined to be a lead hazard. The effects of lead poisoning are usually not determined until the child is in school, I have no idea what the future holds. I personally would like to sue, in case he will need special schooling, not to mention the lost work time, and my sons physical trauma, (you know how horrible it is to hold your baby down as he gets needles poked into his arms over and over) and enough to prepare for his future. Best case is, he will have money to pay for his college. Worst case, he will have to have residential care, for life. I am looking to talk to a lawyer on Monday, my boyfriend (his father) is 100% against sueing, he said that it is a sc_mbag thing to do. Its not like I got in a fenderbender and am sueing for "whiplash". This is a REAL DEAL. For my son. The landlord should have taken care of the lead ages ago! Imput please? FYI I rent my home in Connecticut. Let me know what you think. Am I overreacting?


Bridget - March 11

You are definately NOT over reacting!!!The landlord is the sc_mbag and the seriousness of his crime should not be underestimated. I would bet a month's wages that he knew there was lead in the paint in that home. He owns the place, right?You are not suing out of greed to get rich, you are suing for money you may need down the road incase (and I will pray very hard for this not to be the case)your child does need further care in school, etc. if the effects aren't completely temporary.. You are d__n right, this is the real deal and I am not a suing type of person either. I'd had a chance to due an employer over a back injury years ago and other employees said I should have but I just wanted to work. But this is your kid and you are right to be "up in arms". Besides, the guy has insurance, that's what insurance is for and he was probably lying to them about the paint and so his premiums will go up. Good for him.



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