Leaky Diaper

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Jadyns Mommy - November 11

Well, much to my despair, Jadyn has realized that she enjoys sleeping on her tummy much better than her back and has spent the last 3 nights actually sleeping with a smile while on her tummy (I wake up every 30 minutes to make sure she is ok, ugh). Anyways, ever since she started sleeping on her tummy, her diaper has leaked in the front every night. She is currently wearing Pampers Baby Dry. I had leak problems with Huggies with the stretchy tabs when she was sleeping on her back and the Pampers fixed that but now they are not working for the front. 2 of the nights I have changed her twice and the diaper still leaked after only 2 hours on her tummy! My tiredness is making me ramble but I am wondering if anyone else has noticed diapers that work in only certian sleep positions and if they found any that on work while baby is on tummy or back?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 11

The only diapers that usually do not leak for me are Target diapers. Any others leak no matter how he sleeps. But boys plumbing is different. he leaks more on his side or back. He naps on his belly during the day and never leaks then. It is so frustrating.


Jbear - November 11

I've found that Target diapers don't leak for my daughter. We haven't had any leaks in any position in them, so far. Before that I tried pampers swaddlers, and they were okay most of the time, and huggies supreme, which leaked every time.


Red Green - November 11

duct tape lol


Steven's Mom - November 11

Hi! My son just started having the same problem,also a stomach sleeper since he has learned to roll over. The last few nights he was getting all wet (poor guy) So I went to the store yesterday to get him Swaddlers # 3 and I dont think they make them maby they were just out of them. I decided to go with Huggies Supreme #3 and they worked great NO leaks last night. He never had a leaky problem on his back,but the larger sized diaper did work great! Good Luck


Jadyns Mommy - November 11

Thanks everyone. I will try the Huggies Supreme and the Target diapers. I dont think I will try the duct tape though.. hehe.


Lisa - November 11

to Steven's Mom I think swaddlers only go up to size 2 then they start pampers cruisers, how old is your baby. Mine is 3 months and she is in stage 2 , I have tried all different brands of diapers and found swaddlers to be the best, huggies supreme and babyshape fit both leaked and the pampers baby dry gave my daughter a horrible rash so I switched to swaddlers and love them very much.


Shelly - November 11

I have the same problem with huggies,any kind will leak on my boy.Pamppers swaddlersare the only ones that are leakproof onhim.Soon he will upgrade from size 2 to 3,but don't know which one to get.I may justbuy one pack of each and see which one works the best.!!


Steven's Mom - November 12

To Lisa,Hi my son is a little over 4 1/ 2 months! He's big baby though at his 3 1/2 month check up he weighed 15.6 lbs! That's too bad about swaddlers because those seem to be the best. No leaks last night either :O) I've tried the pampers baby dry as well and I didn't like them.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 12

This sounds really stupid, but a friend of mine has a little girl that sleeps on her belly so at night she puts her diaper on backwards.


Heidi - November 12

I tried Huggies as everyone said they worked great for girls. They suck. The newborn ones leak like crazy. Pampers newborns are good but if she sleeps on her side, they leak. Needless to say I've had to wash my sheets MANY times. Tonight I bought Luvs. I liked how they seemed to fit her better and easier to put on her than Pampers. I haven't checked to see if they leaked yet but they were a dollar cheaper than pampers. I plan on trying the target brand once she's heavy enough to buy the smallest size. She's only 8 lbs. To top if off I have like four packs of huggies and about 100 coupons for $1 off. If I find Luvs or target brand fit better I can mail about 20 coupons to someone if they'll use them.


Jadyns Mommy - November 13

Thats actually a good idea Stephanie. Since I have half a pack of the pampers baby dry left, I am going to do that until I get to try the other brands. :-)


Tami - November 13

Heidi, my daughter was small when she was born and the only diapers that wouldn't leak were the Pampers Swaddlers Newborns. The Huggies leaked every time, which frustrated us since that is what they used int he hospital. Ever since we have put her in Swaddlers (after using up the Huggies) we haven't had a leaky diaper and she will be seven weeks old on Tuesday. Try that.


TC - November 14

I use Luvs on my 10 wk old. We first used Pampers swaddlers and that worked like a charm but then someone bought us some Huggies Sumpreme. He liked to sleep on my lap while on his tummy and Huggies would leak something awful. I would put on a fresh diaper and the leak used to come from the top by his belly b___ton. It drove us crazy. I have never had a problem with leaking while he is in any position since using Luvs and since it is cheaper than the rest I think that I am going to stick with them.


bsmomma - November 14

i like luvs the best... they work way better than the more expensive pampers or huggies supreme on my 4 month old boy whether he is on his side or back, or playing on the floor with me on his tummy


q - November 15

you could fold up a cloth diper inside or put her in a diper that is a size too big.



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