Learning How To Eat Cereal

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jb - June 20

I am just introducing cereal to my dd. She is 4 months old. Is there some kind of trick or helpful hint to get the cereal to stay in their mouth?!?!?! I know it is going to be messy, and it has been. I just wonder how much she is really taking in...if any!!! Do babies just eventually learn to keep the food on their tongue and swallow it? I am glad she is as patient with me as I am with her. She doesn't get mad or frustrated when I try to give her cereal. I just want to do whatever I can to "do things right" for her. Any help or hints are greatly appreciated. :-)


grandma - June 21

The answer to your question is yes! They will get it...some day. In the meantime try making the cereal a little on the runny side, as it may go sown a little easier. Use a baby spoon (I'm sure you are) and only put a small amount on the spoon, a 1/4 tsp. will do. Get comfortable and make it fun. Oh, the messyness get worse! :)


pbj - June 21

You can also try placing the cereal in the middle of her tongue, it's much harder for her to push it back out of her mouth. There is no such thing as the wrong way, they catch on pretty quickly.


Bree - June 21

Well, my son just turned 6 months (yesterday) and he still does not take cereal well. I believe it's the texture. Making it thin will likely help. Just try and try again. When she's really ready she will get it down, I believe.


Shanna - June 21

Our dd has been eating cereal for almost 2 months now and she still makes a mess! Makes for some great pictures! What I do that sometimes helps, is put the whole part of the baby spoon in her mouth, not half way, I am careful not to choke or gag her. think by putting it in that way makes it harder to push back out.


nic nac - June 21

You can try putting the spoon in her mouth and letting her bite on the tip of the spoon for a few seconds. It helped my dd to keep the food in her mouth and soothe her gums.


AprilMum - June 21

I find that if I only get cereal on the very tip of the spoon, it hits the back of her mouth, and very rarely gets pushed back out. Also, I let her grab the handle of the spoon - because anything she has in her hand, she wants in her mouth. I keep my hand on it too, for guidance, but she puts it in her mouth, and sucks. Perfect!


jessb - June 21

HI jb! I felt the same way. I was certain that she couldnt possibly be eating anything. Everyone told me "dont worry they get more than you think". After a couple weeks now though, she is doing great. It is still pretty messy but I can tell she eats some of it now. I guess they just need alot of practice.



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