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pinkbo0tlace - March 6

Hello everyone. Just wanted to say how much I really have enjoyed this forum. I found it when I was twenty some weeks pregnant, and I basically LIVED on the 3rd trimester board. I was so lonley and I didn't have many people to talk to...everyone on here has been so nice to me with ideas, advice, etc... 'Cpeshally about the whole ex and I have taken all of your advice and because of that, I believe I am a stronger willed woman and I want to thank you all for that. I have made some wonderful friendships via pregnancy-info.net that are long lasting. This is Ashley (from all along - if you look back in all the posts you will see this is the same and only "name" on here except for now). I apologize if I have ever made anyone upset or hurt, and that is honestly NEVER my intention. But, why should you believe me, though? Right? Most of you don't know me personally so it's very hard to tell. I decided to leave this forum because someone is trying to cause up drama under two screen names that look very close to mine, and I don't want you guys to have to deal with that kind of stuff. We are all mothers. I don't know WHO is doing this c__p, but knock it off. These woman don't need to have to sit and figure out who is who. It's unfair and very childish. If you would still like to talk to me, my AIM is the same as this name... pinkbo0tlace, and that is also my myspace url. My email address is ashleygrl05 at hotmail dot com also. Thank you to everyone who has helped me out. If the person who made the two screen names that were close to mine wanted this to happen, you got your wish. But don't have this boost your ego, I just don't feel like dealing with this drama. It's so petty. Anyways, to everyone - take care. For those of you who have my #, you can still call like usual LOL.. Until than, take care. xxxx - Ashley


Deirdra - March 6

aw.. I hate to see you go over some dumb BS! the immaturity level here is at an all time low...im not trying to cause drama as well. i and wanted to stay out of it...but im sad to see you go...you have given me some good advice...i have added you to my myspace and my aim is XxOxXIAmHisXxOxX....im sorry once agian and i hope to still hear from you...


srigles - March 6

It's so sad that some idiot has decided he/she/it has nothing better to do that cause problems. The whole thing has gotten totally out of hand. We'll miss you.


pinkbo0tlace - March 6

Deirdra - please AIM me sometime. Pinkbo0tlace thanks!!


EricaG - March 6

sorry someone forced you out of here :o( Maybe you can come back in a couple weeks when the troll has gotten bored and left or something. At least I hope it's a pa__sing troll and not someone on here who we all talk to and get advice from. I know that I'm a sucker and have a hard time not feeling personally towards people, but I've really grown to care for a lot of the women on this forum and to think that it might be one of those women makes me feel sick. So I wish you the best pinkbo0tlace and maybe when the smoke clears you can visit us.


Smilefull - March 6

why would you give someone that power to chase you off the board?


flower.momma - March 6

Don't let them win. Maybe come back after all this has b__wn over. We all know what screen name to look for now.


LollyM - March 6

I do hope you come back at some point. I do like you =) and your advice.


eliz24 - March 6

Yeah, I hope when all this b__ws over you wil come back...


Newhoneybuns - March 6

Don't leave hun, don't mind whoever is doing that c___p and just stay with us. You dont deserve to leave over some idiot trying to stir up c___p. We all know who you are and know your screen name and obviously someone was bored, probably someone from the teen boards tired of posting : " hoe do u get pengnat" and now just wanted to have some fun here although i know it isnt much fun but let them go they will eventually leave so saty with us hun, you know you cant just leave like that !!!! <3


hello - March 7

This is similar to the thing that happened to ash2, someone has a problem with another poster so instead of saying so, they gutlessly post fake names cause they arent brave enough to tell them how they feel, not neccessarily the work of a sahm, Kara, i still am astounded you think only a sahm mum could come up with this as we apparantly are socially deprived of conversation.......Anyhow pink, dont go.... if everyone decent left because of a bored person then there would be noone left.... I am sorry its gone this far for you.... I still think it stems back on someone not appreciating hearing about your slim figure or asking an opinion on playboy....It really is crazy when this site takes a turn like this...


hello - March 7

Just to clarify incase it came out the wrong way....... (saying someone didnt want to hear about your slim figure) is something i meant in a nice way.... Someone is having alot of insecurities right now and seeing you as a threat in some ways, Nothing irritates me more than fake posters too afraid to confront you and say what they think with their name, it is so gutless .....infuriating really.... They have gone to check out what you look like ......is how petty and obsessed with you they are......Its called insecurity and jealousy and sadly it exists here when people should be happy with who they are within themselves....... Dont let some psycho make you leave, is all i wanted to add......take care


Rabbits07 - March 7

It's really sad how the board seems to have been taken over by childish antics. This has always been such a good forum but lately it's more like a middle school playground that a place where ADULT women come to talk and exchange advice. That is one reason why my visits have been few and far between lately. Every time I log in there is some new drama. And, no, one doesn't have to click on it if they don't want to but #1, alot of times the drama gets started in threads that started out with good intentions and #2 the drama threads end up moving all the genuinely posted questions to the second and not much viewed page. Then you see posts like this where someone is leaving and you pretty much have to go back and read stuff in other posts just to figure out what in the world happened! Personally, I don't think that pinkbo0tlace (the original) is the other ones, but that's just my opinion. If she were doing it, it would be merely to get attention and she's never really struck me before as the type who just tries to get attention. I, as well, think that someone got p.o'd over the whole size 00 and playboy thing. Not necessarily a sahm (I found that a bit insulting as well....) but in any case it's a shame that people feel like they have no recourse but to leave.


mandee25 - March 7

Just take a little break and come back okay. It is totally unfair for some moron to run you off this forum. You have every right to be here and hopefully everything will b__w over and when you get back we can go back to sharing advice and stories. I think you are a genuine person who deserves to be here too. BIG HUG!


Kara H. - March 7

I can't believe you ladies got so offended over me saying that I thought it was a SAHM who wasn't handling the pressures well. First of all, I am as close as you can get to be being a full time SAHM without being a full time SAHM. I used to not work at all, but I starting getting a little nutzo so hubby encouraged me to work a few hours a week. Now I work 2 evenings a week for 5 hours each. I still go to the SAHM mommy groups since Sun - Thurs I don't work. Most stay at home moms are very together well-balanced women. However, there are several in the group that seriously suffering socially and constantly looking for conflict and drama. Some of us, me included, aren't cut out for the lack of adult interaction of being a full time SAHM, but some continue to reak havoc on the mommy group instead of getting their needed stimuli elsewhere. Which is what I think might be the case with the whole PBL saga. Secondly, the crazy PBL post were coming all hours of the day, which would be very hard for someone, logistically, who works outside the home. Thus, concluding why I thought it was a loopy, nutzo, drama-inciting, poorly coping, non-working child-bearing female. ;)



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