Leaving Baby For Two Nights

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mayaB - January 23

What do you think about leaving an 8 month old baby for two nights with his grandparents? Next week I'm going to need two days w/out baby but not sure if 2 nights away are going to get him confused.


Deirdra - January 23

im with you here, my DH will be um...about 6 months and im leaving him with my mom for two nights in a new house, she lives WAY far away. but me and DH will be celebrating our 1 yr wedding anniversery and are going away for 2 days, so i figured it be a good time for my mom to see him, i was thinnking the same..i dont think it will matter to much, but i am still nervous about it


Danielle19 - January 23

my mom and dad took my son for 2 nights they took him out of town to visit other relatives, and he was only 3 1/2 months, he did great though he actually slept through the nite for them and he was even doing that for me, go enjoy your time with your husband, and try not to worry to much


dee23 - January 23

yeah im abit worried about this one too. ds will be 7 1/2 months when we have our wedding and we are leaving ds with mil for 3 nights, before and after wedding so she will be preping him up and looking after him for our wedding day. she is nice though and good with kids....she had 4. i just hope ds doesnt get seperation axiety, or screams for her....so im more wpoorried about mil then ds....he could do with abit of time away from us....i dont want him to become clingy.


lexa - January 23

Oh mayaB. It will actually...probably be harder on you than him. It was for me when I left my ds for the first time. My dh and I went away for the weekend for our anniversary....I cried the whole ride out of state:-) My ds did great....better than me to be exact.


KLT - January 24

We are going away next weekend for two days and a night for a wedding out of town and are leaving our 3.5 month old son with my mother. SO nervous. I know my mom will do a great job, in fact she provides daycare for us monday - friday so he'll be in ok. My only problem is getting him to sleep on his own. He still cosleeps and while he'll nap fine in his crib, he hasn't gone the whole night nor does he like the ba__sinet.. not sure how things will work at grandmas!


CaliTrish - January 24

Next weekend, I'm off to Austin for a Girls' Weekend with my college roommates. DH will be on his own with our almost 4-month old son for 48 hours. I'm more worried about DH than I am DS. DS was sleeping through the night 9 hours, but since we started daycare he's been waking up in the middle of the night around 3-4am. A pacifier will quiet him for an hour at a time, but you gotta keep putting it in his mouth. A bottle will satisfy him for a couple hours. Either way, he's pretty restless afterwards. I've been taking care of DS during 3-7AM leg while DH continues sleeping. Dunno how DH's gonna do with those wee hour wakings. I suppose we should do a practice run this weekend. DH has put our son down for the night a few times to make sure he can manage that. It’s gonna be a good learning experience for DH. :-)


Kara H. - January 24

It will be much harderon you than the baby. Now don't be surprised if your LO's don't eat or sleep quite as much when your gone, but that just due to all the excitment of a change of routine.


momma0710 - January 24

Oh yeah its WAY harder on you than them...my daughter loves to spend the night with my mom, i call a million times and she is always fine!! Go and enjoy yourself!!!



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