Leaving Daughter Over Night For The First Time

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vonzo - February 4

My dd is nearly 5 months and tonight i had to leave her with my mum overnight for the first time and i haven't stopped crying since. I start my new job tomorrow and have been asked to go in very early in the morning to get an induction then i can leave at lunch time, instead of doing my normal 1-5 shift. So instead of having to wake dd up at 4.30am to get her and myself ready then drive an hour to my mums, get everything out of the car, get her settled then drive 45 mins to my work i decided it would be easier for dd to just stay with her grams. I am missing her sooo much and keep crying about it. Dh is trying to be supportive and says oh its only a night you'll see her tomo but he admits to not knowing how i feel as i have a stronger bond with her. Did anyone else feel like this after leaving their lo's overnight for the first time? I know i would have had to leave her overnight at somepoint but 5 months seems so young. My mums had 5 kids so i know she'll be very well looked after but it's just all the wee things that we do at bedtime and being able to kiss her forehead when she's asleep just before i get into bed, and seeing her smiling face as soon as i get up :o( Oh i'm such a big whinging trout!!!! Sorry girls xx


Deb - February 4

My dd just turned 7 months today...and I haven't left her overnight yet. I know I should do it soon, but I am totally dreading it so I can totally relate to how you are feeling. I have been putting it off too because I want her first night away from home to be with my parents (not dh's parents). I just trust my parents more since they have had other grandchildren overnight many times. My parents travel quite a bit so I just haven't done it yet. I love our bedtime routine too and I know I will probably cry too. Just try to occupy your mind with other things if you can, and of course phone your mum to see how things are going. Hang in there!!!!


lin7604 - February 4

i know what you are feeling like as my ds is 3 months and we just left him for a week. We went down south for a week holiday as i really needed it to catch up on sleep ( he is a bad sleeper) and to have me time as i have had the baby blues a lot since i had him. It was hard and i missed him a lot more then i ever expected.


Lisastar9 - February 4

I hope you get some sleep,and hope your new job works out fine. Sorry you are missing your dd. I have no words of encouragement for you. (((HUGS)))


vonzo - February 5

THanks ladies! Well i survived and surprisingly i got a great nights sleep! I was only needed for 2 and a half hours today so i got to see dd much sooner than expected. It was weird because it was as if she didn't recognise me when i went to pick her up. She wouldn't smile or give any sort of emotion across to me but was laughing and grinning away to my mum :o( But after half an hour i think she finally realised mummy was back and was giving me kissys and smiles and it felt great! Thanks for all your words of encouragement :o) xx



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