Leg Shaking

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ejg1987 - June 2

Hi my dd is going to be 3 months on the 8th and for a month or two once in a while one of her legs will shake almost like a muscle spasm but it only lasts around 10 seconds and then goes away. Has anyone eve experienced this or know what it might be? Should I be worried?


Crystal83 - June 2

Can you really tell if it is a muscle spasm? I ask, becasue my LO was doing that too around that age, and it was only with her left leg. But it seemed like she liked to do that. She would just be sitting there and all of a sudden she would start moving her leg back and forth. Even when she waslying down. I don't think it's a big problem if your LO isn't in any pain. It takes until about 4 months for a baby to get complete control over all their muscles. She's 9 mos. now and doesn't have any problems with her leg. I wouldn't worry too much, but you could ask your Dr. at your LO's next checkup.


ejg1987 - June 2

Yeah it really seems like its a muscle spasm like I don't think shed be able to move her leg on her own but who knows


angelinakai - June 2

yes!! my son did that for several months. the dr. said that it was normal and some babies just do that. it went away he was out of the newborn stage.


ejg1987 - June 2

Ok good that's a relief lol I was worried


iemc19 - June 2

But...while I agree at this early age it probably is nothing - if your LO is still doing this at 10/12 months definately have her checked out...My nephew did this and after his first b/day it was diagnosed as a mild form of epilepsy...


ejg1987 - June 2

Omg ok I think im gonna call the dr tomorrow just to make sure its nothing


iemc19 - June 2

I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you...It probably is nothing to worry about...babies do that to us...make us worry about silly things.....My nephew - it was like a tremor, a case of the shakes...just in his legs, then he'd fall over....but he was a little bit older...


Nemo - June 3

Hi my daughter does exactly the same! and shes about the same age... we call it her "elvis" impression and i a__sumed it was just because her muscles havent developed. I get the odd muscle tremor here and thee if I work out for the first time in ages - pretty much the same thing I imagine...


JessC531 - June 3

Don't worry! My dd did the same thing, and I was freaking out about it. But the pediatrician said not to worry - she just wasn't totally developed yet and it would go away. And it did. I'm sure she's fine!



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