Length Of Feeding Sessions

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Ranya - November 8

Hi, Zein (pronounced zane) is now 11 days old and I was just wondering how long does it take newborns to feed. We started off with 15 minutes on each br___t but now her feeding sessions drag on and on, especially that she keeps falling asleep.


KrisD - November 8

Mine did the same thing when I was b___stfeeding. Try partially undressing her. I used to unsnap all the b___tons on his sleeper so he wasn't so cozy. It really helped. And don't worry - when she is hungry, she'll eat!


Shannon - November 8

hi, my little girl is 2 weeks old today and i usually alternate b___sts at each feeding and let her feed as long as she wants, which can last as long or even longer than a half an hour, because she falls asleep while eating too. she's so content and at peace most of the time i'll let her lay on my b___st long after her last little suckle. she's my first baby, so i'm not sure what i'm doing, but as long as she's happy and well-fed. :-)


Kim - November 8

My son Luke is 11 days as well and he started off slow since he was falling asleep so much but he has gotten much better with feeding and feeds for 15-20 minutes on each b___st. This may take me well over an hour, sometimes 2 at his most awake times since he'll want to go back to each b___st again for another feeding. I have seen estimates saying that you should feed them approximately 10-15 on each b___st but I guess that it all depends on the baby and how hungry they are. I probably only have 6-7 feedings a day with Luke but he is eating for a half hour minimum each time, usually longer as time has gone on, and is gaining weight at the rate of about an ounce a day. If Zein is falling asleep a lot, try catching her when she is waking up and change her diaper first. Luke would always fall asleep because we were waking him every two hours to feed him. When I stopped this, he would get up every 3 on his own and be more alert than if I woke him at 2.


Heidi - November 8

My four week old would do the same thing. I read to feed her five minutes on the first b___st and then switch her to the other and let her feed as long as she wants on that one. And yes, she'll eat if she's hungry. When your baby gets a couple weeks older she'll eat longer without falling asleep. My daughter eats like a horse right now!


Ranya - November 14

Thanks for your responses! And like some of you this is my first and I have no clue what I'm doing either. Sometimes I even feel like my milk is not enough or it's quality is not making her full...I'm starting not to worry so much about the time anymore and just letting her feed like you guys, can't wait until she falls into a pattern (anything half predictable)!


Lissi - November 14

My baby's feeds vary from 5 minutes to a whole hour! Sometimes I think she is just thirsty and needs a little drink. I let her feed as long as she wants on one b___st until she either falls asleep, or needs switching to the other b___st. Most of the time she only needs one b___st though, and sometimes she falls asleep before she's had enough, and wakes up crying ten minutes later, because she's still hungry.


Barb - November 14

that's what my baby does...she usually just eats on one side, then falls asleep...but feeds frequently. she eats about 10-15 min. at a time....sometimes she'll stay on there a LONG time :)


lisa - November 15

hi ranya, sound like its normal? i was wondering the same, jasmin feeds for over an hour sometimes and in the afternoon can seem to want to go back on straight away



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