Let S All Tell The Truth On This One

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Mrs.Ireland - January 2

How many of you let your lo sleep on their tummies? I do. I know they say it causes SIDS, but anything can cause SIDS. I have a friend whose friend put there lo down for a nap, not even on their tummy and they went to go check on him and he was dead. Everyone thinks that sleeping on their tummy is always linked to SIDS. WE slept on our tummies ALL the time when we were babies. I mean in her crib she just has a flat sheet, she doesn't have a bunch of blankets or stuffed animals in there. Also, she 5.5 months and her head is pretty dang strong. I am just curious as to how many will admit to this :-)


kimberly - January 2

When my dd was newborn she wouldn't go to sleep on her back so I laid her down on her stomach but then once she was good and asleep I would turn her back over. Now she is a side sleeper. They say once they can roll over it is ok for them to sleep on thier tummy.


ginger6363 - January 2

At 4 months, my lo prefers to sleep on her side, but I don't have a problem occasionally putting her on her tummy. She can lift her head, call out, and sometimes even roll to her back. I don't do tummy sleep unless I am vigilantly listening on the monitor or with her; but I don't have a problem with it.


TiffanyRae - January 2

My LO never sleeps on his tummy. I am a wimp and to scared to put him that way so he only knows back sleeping! He can roll both tummy to back and back to tummy so I know sooner or later he will roll on his own in his crib. But evne when he plays he gets fussy on his tummy and rolls right back over onto his back. But I agree. You do what you are comfortable with! There are so issues with SIDS that are not black and white. So again you do what is right for you. There is no right or wrong.


kelley - January 2

My lo is now 5 months old and the only way to get him to nap is to put him down on his belly. He will look at his crib mates (stuffed friends that are out of his reach) for a bit and then he will lay down, put his thumb in his mouth and go to sleep. At night he sleeps on his back just fine, but will not nap on his back. He too is very strong, can roll over both ways and so I do not feel that it is a problem.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 2

When my daughter is a pro roller she can roll on her tummy all she wants, but for me since she sleeps with me I don't mind letting her sleep on her stomach every once in a while, just because if she struggles I can hear her


mommybabyboy21 - January 2

I do my lo when he was first born I would put him down on his back and he would jump I was getting no sleep my mom said she always put us down tummy side I did when he was 3 days old he slept for 2 1/2 hours that way for a nap since then I always put him down tummy side...I think its one of the reasons he hates tummy time now he thinks he is going for a nap :-)


MNMOM - January 2

my son doesn't have an interest in sleeping on his belly. He is 6 months old now and sleeps on his side.


excited2bemama - January 2

My dd won't sleep on her tummy either.. she is 7 months


Jilloh - January 2

when my DS learned to roll over there was no turning back. We would always lay him on his back but within a minute or so he was on his stomach. We never rolled him back over again.


Emmie - January 2

I put Nathan on his tummy from the time he was 2 weeks old. He is a happy healthy 20 month old.


javidsgirl - January 2

i have let my dd sleep on her tummy a couple times most of the time she doesn"t care to be on her tummy it once in a blue moon thing for her


Bellas Mom - January 2

Cool question - I've always wondered the same! lol My daughter went on her tummy at 3 months, and is now 24 months old. My son is now 3 months and a tummy sleeper since 4 weeks old!!!


KimS - January 2

My ds has slept on his belly since 3 months, he started rolling at 2.5 months, I tried wedging him on his side, that lasted until 3 months when he started rolling out of the wedge. I have a friend who is a doctor and her dh is a doctor too, they pulled the research and said the studies done weren't even with babies and that it was c___p... so their ds has slept on his belly since 2 months...


fifijeep - January 3

I too have let my ds sleep on his tummy. I tried putting him on his back for the first month or so, but he was always waking himself up twitching. When I put him on his tummy, he went out like a switch. He has always been very strong and able to hold his head up, and I don't leave anything in the crib with him, so I feel OK with him being a tummy sleeper still at 4 months.


another Karen - January 3

I did only put our daughter down on her back. This is what they told me in hospital, you do it their way in hospital. When I came home I only continued this as I knew she slept well that way. I id honestly think you were meant to put them on their bellies to sleep though. I'm sure that's how it used to be. It's like first aid instructions, they seem to change every couple of years. Makes you wonder how humans survived through so many years of evolution without this detrimental knowledge, lol


IrinaZ - January 3

My son does nnot understand that you can sleep on your belly. He thinks it's belly time and tries to hold his head and pull his chest up. Even when he is tired and sleepy. I once put him in his crib on his tummie when he was already asleep, hoping it will help him sleep better - he woke up 30 mins later with his head up crying. He didn't know how to put himself back to sleep from this position. But I do use the blanket. This is my 'bad' thing. And he sleeps with us sometimes.



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