Let S Share Cute Bedtime Stories

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hrsmith - May 2

Hi all. I just thought i would drop you a note and share how cuddly cute my little stinker is when i put him down. We have the same routine every night and i love it. As soon as he starts getting tired, I cradle him in my arms, whisper in his ear the words "sleep now," and we rub noses. I can only hope that he never gets sick of it,beacuase i sooo look forward to it every evening. I would love to hear cute cuddly stories from you.


Mellissa - May 3

when my daughter was a baby (she's 2 1/2 now) i could always tell when she was ready for bed because she would lift her shirt up and start poking at her belly b___ton. Now that she is older, we have settled into our routine.. i tell her it's time to brush her teeth, and she runs upstairs, we brush her teeth, put on her jammies, and she picks out at least three books for me to read. i read one, then i give it to her and she'll read it while i move on to another. She loves it, and so do I. It's great bonding time, and she's also memorizing all of her books!! :)


Sarahsmommy - May 3

I think the cutest bed time story I have is the other night I think it was Sunday night Sarah was almost asleep, or so I thought. I put her in her ba__sinet and next thing I know she starts to talk, and talk, and talk. She talked her self to sleep and I know she talked for at least 15 mins straight. It was just to herself, it was sooo cute.


HannahBaby - May 3

my daughter is 16 months, When i notice her getting sleepy it say to her "do you want a baba" and she goes "baba?" so i go and make it as she finds her way to the black leather relicner that i have fed her in since the day she came home, She is waiting for me as i walk into the living room. I feed her her bottle then take her upstairs. I lay her in her crib, turn on her kick pad, turn on the fan and walk to the door, Then i turn around and she is looking for me, She waves to me and then puts her little index finger to her lips and goes "ssssshhhhhh" and then lays her head down to rest. Shes does this EVERY NIGHT. Its really the funniest cutest thing that she does. I love putting her to bed because no matter how our day went, the bed time routien is always the sweetest



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