Let Them Get Frustrated And Cry Or

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Tanya - November 21

turn them over. I am talking about tummy time - what do you moms of little ones who hate tummy time do? I am torn, I hate to see him crying and so frustrated but maybe that is part of the learning to turn over or do you end tummy time as soon as they get upset and that way perhaps they will learn to like it if it isnt like torture????


Mommy - November 21

It may seem mean but it's better to let them cry for a few minutes. Don't let them throw up from crying, but try to keep him on his tummy as long as you can. I did this for a few days and finally he just got mad and rolled over himself. If you have any put down little tummy time toys. I had a mat that he would lay on made music if he bushed certain spots. Maybe if he had some entertainment it may help. Hope this helps a little bit. :o)


angela - November 21

i agree with mommy. l would let my daughter struggle for a few moments but as soo as she started to get very uncomfortable i would turn her over.


TC - November 21

There are playmats that you can get that might make tummy time a little bit more enjoyable. Also, if you try getting down there with them and hold something that makes noise and/or has a lot of colors, it might distract them to stay on the tummy longer. Just some sugestions. This is what we did at my job.


Jbear - November 22

I think some babies just don't like it. My first daughter loved to be on her tummy, and she learned to hold her head up early and roll over early as a result. My second daughter just hates it...she cries so much on her tummy I give up after a few seconds and roll her over.


katie28 - November 22

hmmmm....don't know. we never did tummy time with any of ours. i guess turn them over when frustration's getting the better of them. certainly, don't make it torture! (like you say...) :)


Heidi - November 22

I have a tummy time mat for my 6 wk old and she hates it. She usually cries after the first minute but I try to get her attention on something and if she cries the whole time I stop after a minute or two. I lay her on my chest a lot and she seems to have pretty good neck muscles cus she can lift her head up for a short time.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 22

Lucas has excellent head control but he hates tummy time. When he gets frustrated, I give him a few more seconds then turn him over. He is desperately trying to roll back to front. I think his belly hurts when on it from his reflux. Sometimes just putting him on his belly makes him puke, so I don't do it to him very often.


Julie - November 22

I try to put my little guy on his tummy across my leg. I cross one leg over the other and he seems to like it.


Shelly - November 22

Jesse don't mind tummy time as long as it is for a few minutes.I let him fuss a little before I turn him over.I know its good for him but I don't want to do something he really dislikes.He also practices his neckmuscles during the time that he lays on my chest and stretches his neck to look at me.That is one of my favorite times.


Jadyns Mommy - November 22

Jadyn hated tummytime and I would worry that she was going to suffocate because she would just do a face plant into the mat and scream. I showed the Dr on the exam table and Jadyn actually started to suck in the paper on the table from getting so upset! Her Dr said to leave her like that and count to 15 then flip her back over just so she gets at least some time on her tummy. That seemed to work because now I cant get Jadyn to stay on her back to sleep!!


April - November 24

Tanya - You can lay your baby on your chest stomach. Then he can get his (hopefully happy) tummy time while he looks at you. My guy didn't like tummy time for a while but he got used to it. I wouldn't let my guy cry. When he got frustrated I would save him.


Tanya - November 24

Thanx for all the advice!!!! Will plug away with him!



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