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Hana - February 28

Hiya ladies, hope you can help. I have noooo idea why or how but i've been feeling so extremely lethargic these past couple of days. Its exactly how i felt when i first got preg, but im on my period so im not. My blood pressure is fine, im not preg, im not sick, im just soo tired. Im sleeping through the night, eating fine, i just dont know whats wrong..i cant keep my eyes open and end up napping whenever ds does. Cant be bothered to ask my dr, coz she knows nothing and is always misdiagnosing.


rl- - February 28

just a thought but maybe low iron do you feel cold all the time? I would say try an iron supplement and see if that helps.


snugglybugglys - February 28

I was going to suggest the same thing. My sister found out she has very low iron, and she is extremely tired too. It's worse when she's on her period.


Hana - February 28

Thanks thats very helpful becuase it reminded me that my iron was low when i got preg which explains the same feeling i am now having. Im gonna make an appointment for blood works to be done. I guess spinach and green veggies are natural sources of iron?


ashtynsmom - February 28

Yes, or you can take iron supplements. THat is what I have to do. I am anemic, and have to take an iron pill every other day- (can't take it EVERY day or I get constipated!) It seems to help!!


Rabbits07 - February 28

Could also be sleep apnea....with that you think you are sleeping all night, but your sleep is constantly disturbed when you stop breathing. I think sleep study tests are really expensive so it would probably be wise to rule out anemia and such first.


kristie h - February 28

If the blood test shows you have low iron and want a very quick boost ask for the iron injections. I had extreame low iron and by the 5th injection i had sooo much energy i could run a marathon.


Hana - February 28

I seriously crave for energy..i wonder if thats why im so lazy to work out? I really have the motivation (well somewhat) but i get so tired so quickly. Im gonna ask my dr about that iron injection- i never felt energetic since giving birth and i miss it really. Thanks for your responses ladies.


kristie h - February 28

Hana, Just to warn you iron injection can be cosltey. For 5 injections it cost me $50 AUD. The pills alone are about $15 but by the time you bye iron pills after iron pills they work out more expensive anyway. I asked my doctor how long does it take for iron supplemts to work and he said it can take some time so that is why i decided the injection as it goes straight into the blood stream.



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