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jamie - September 14

Oh god, I feel like I'm losing my mind...just when it seems like she's getting easier to handle, she goes berserk. I swear, she's a little drama queen...she has been shrieking for the last 2 hours, and I can't get her to stop, I'm in tears myself cause I just can't take any more. I put her down in her crib, shut the door, and now I'm in another room...I can still hear her screaming but at least now it's muffled. She's got a clean diaper, she's been fed and burped, she's not hot, she's not cold, and I'm just about ready to rip my hair out. She was such a little angel yesterday, plus she slept through the night last night, it seemed like everything was going so well, and I had to just walk away from her because I'm to the point where I just want her to shut up. And now that I've got that out of my system, I'm going to go try to calm her down again. I just wish there were someone who could take over for an hour or two, or just someone who isn't as stressed as me who could calm her down.


Amy from MN - September 14

I know how you feel....Do you have a baby swing or something like that to put her in? How old is she? Letting her cry is OK! Sometimes little ones just like to hear their own voice?! Do you have family that could come and help you to give you a much needed moment to yourself? I went through this with my son when he was a baby....But it gets better.....I have a feeling I will be venting on this sight when my next is born, you see I have a 8 year old, a 2 year old, a 1 year old and then I am due the end of March with #4. This one was so unexpected because I was on Birth control. I mean I can bearly handle the 2 little ones now. My husband works nights and so he is gone all night and then has to sleep all day. I only get maybe 30 minutes of help a day. Although my 8 year old is a big help but I can only ask her for so much. Hang in there momma! My Grandma always said, things will get better, and they always do. Does your little girl have gas? Or maybe she is tired. Just an idea. Good Luck. ~Amy~


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 14

Try some mylicon drops, or maybe put her in the stroller and take a short walk. Maybe go for a drive, If she has been crying for two hours, once she goes to sleep she will be out of it! Just remember, its not her fault and its not yours either, dont get frusterated with her, just take a deep breath and think of it like she just started crying.


Michelle - September 14

Hang in there honey....it will get better. Try to call some family if you have them around. Go for a walk. go for a drive with her. Try the gas drops. She might have a belly ache.


Jamie - September 14

I think she's constipated...she'll grunt and groan and just generally sound like she's in labor. I don't know, do b___stfed babies get constipated? My husband is in the military, and we're stationed in Germany - so no family for about 7 time zones. I've been looking for the gas drops, but they don't have them at our PX or commissary, and I have no clue how to ask for them on the German economy.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 14

If she is constipated, you can try just a small amount of prune juice. That is what our ped. told us. Like you can either use a medicine dropper and give her about 1ml or you can just let her suck it out of a bottle.


BBK ® © - September 14

Jamie, she's not constipated. Infants lack the coordination to go for #2 when they make a concious effort. Requires tightnening and loosening and they just don't have the maturity to do that voluntarily. Your best bet is to distract her with a toy like a rattler or b___stfeeding. Our daughter did exactly the same for a long time then pooped while she was having her milk. Gas drops generic drug name is simethicone, and it'd have to be for infants (20 mg in each 0.3 mL). The crying is probably not due to physical problems, but womb separation. Make the room quiet, hold her against your chest and make shooshing sounds on her ear. Give it time, and don't stop shooshing if she stops crying. Putting her on her back will just irritate her more.


Alisha - September 14

Maybe she is teething. My baby does that a lot and tylenol is the only thing that saves me from pulling out my hair sometimes.


Heather - September 15

She could be picking up on your stress. When/if it happens again try your best not to get frustrated (I know, easy to say), she might calm down sooner. Sometimes they just want attention, try just holding her or nursing her, even for just comfort. My son nursed all the time the first few months and it felt draining, but actually it was a small price to pay for our sanity. He was happy and that made it easier on me. I think it helped our relationship for the long haul too. The other advice is great too. Hang in there.


soleil - September 15

How old is your baby? This happend to me also at the very beginning. Like someone else said here try mylicon drops and put her in a stroller and just go for a walk or take her for a ride in your car, it should calm her down a bit. Dont worry things do get a lot better as time goes by. Good Luck!


soleil - September 15

what about swaddling and rocking her?


to Jamie - September 15

You'd be surprised how many Germans actually speak English, especially near military bases. Find a mom to ask.


btw - September 15

She could be constipated, it is possible for infants to be contipated, but like you said its rare in b___stfed babies. Over 2 months old -- try 2-4 ounces of fruit juice (grape, pear, apple, cherry, or prune) twice a day. Over 4 months old -- if the baby has begun solid foods, try baby foods with high-fiber content (peas, beans, apricots, prunes, peaches, pears, plums, spinach) twice a day. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003125.htm


Jenna - September 15

Hi Jamie. I am not a super religious person or anything, but have you tried finding a church to go to? They usually offer a lot of help. My mom had my older brother in South America and she found a lot of support through a christian church down there. She also found a lot of Americans through that church. At least you could make some friends who may be willing to help. Good Luck!



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