Likes And Dislikes Where We Live

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Lisastar9 - February 8

Name some likes and dislikes of where you live. I like where we live in is close to school,library grocery store,outdoor pool in summer,ice riink in winter,corner park,and church. Dislikes the grocery store in town is small and we can't buy everything there,have to go to the city,which is a step up. Hard to buy used clothes.


KLC - February 8

My dislike is a result of my like if that makes any sense!!!! LOL!!! I loke that we live out in the country and its a safe place to let our kids play in the yard, but at the same time I dislike that we live so far away from everything because everytime I need to go somewhere its at least a 20 minute ride!!!


jenrodel - February 8

I like that we live in the city and everything we need is at our fingertips pretty much 24 hours a day... I dislike the city because it is so busy, unfriendly and polluted! I would like to move to a smaller town, but would definitely miss the convenience of the city.


CyndiG - February 8

I love the beauty of where I live. The Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. It is truly the most beautiful place, leaves in the fall, snow in the winter, flowers in the spring and gorgeous green everything in the summer. I don't like that the price of housing is so high!


ssmith - February 8

I love that I am within walking distance of the grocery store, drug store, library, park, mall (although me and babyGap are a bad mix!!), Starbuck's :-), a beautiful park right on the lake, my parents are a 15 minute car ride away, and I have a great view from my living room window. What I dislike (and it's a BIG dislike), is that I live in an apartment. As nice as the apartment is, I am SO ready to stop throwing money away in rent each month, and have a home to call my own. I just feel really stuck because DH & I can't afford a place of our own right now, but are almost paying the equivalent of a mortgage anyway. Eeesh....sorry, that turned into a big vent. Sorry.


Pea Pod - February 8

I love that places to camp, fish, hike, raft, etc. are SO nearby. I love that in almost any direction I look I can see mountains. I love that we have a greenbelt along the river. I love living in a small town that is only 15 minutes away from our capital...we get the small town feel but can easily go into town to shop and do things. What I don't like...I don't like our winters (or any winter for that matter), I don't like our inversions and resulting poor air quality.


aurorabunny - February 8

I love our really hot summers, that we live out of the hustle and bustle of the city but the city is only like a 15 minute drive away, I love our house and our big back yard. I hate that our town is getting a bunch of new restaurants to tempt me off my diet (lol), I hate how it's either really hot or really cold and we never have a spring or a fall, I hate how white trashy people moved in across the street and get in fights all the time and zoom up and town our street!


sahmof3 - February 8

Pretty just copy and paste what KLC said into my post LOL.


mcatherine - February 8

I love the spring, summer and fall where I live. Library, coffee shops, boutiques, sandwhich shops and restaurants, farmers market are all within such a short walk from my front door. We have sidewalks all over the entire town, so it makes it nice -I can't wait to walk with the stroller. Our favorite homestyle Italian restaurant is only 3 blocks away - so hubs and I can both have a gla__s of wine with dinner and it won't matter because we all walk home!! Major shopping within 1-10 miles from here. Winters bite - although I do love the snow. Also, we are in a great spot. Downtown Philly is 45 mins, Manhattan is a little over an hour, Poconos are 45 mins, Atlantic city is not quite 2 hours - Jersey coast is about the same. Oh - and the King of Prussia mall is only and hour, too! We have lots to do on the weekends!!!


Erynn21 - February 8

I live by the North Cascade mountains in Wa state what I like about it here is that my dh and I both grew up here, we know many of our neighbors, it is absolutely gorgeous(except right now, Feb & March suck), we live close to the river, we can camp and hike, our family is all close by (but far enough away to keep us sane). Dislikes ppl from all over have discovered our little piece of heaven and are driving the land prices sky high, tons of newcomers act like they own everything, many of my friends can't afford a decent home so they have to rent, many places we went as kids have big ugly houses on them and huge "Keep Out" signs, but all in all I still love it and am not moving any time soon.


srigles - February 8

I love the village I live in. Lots of families and great for raising kids. Good public school nearby, lots of community activities. Seven minute drive to the water, 13 minutes to a good-sized town for shopping. The only thing I DON'T like is when I have to drive to work in the winter - the main road I have to take has total whiteout conditions. Last night my DH almost got stuck on it with the 4x4, and had to try to help two vehicles that were stuck under snowdrifts right in the middle of the road. That sucks!


srigles - February 8

BTW, I forgot to say I live in central Ontario. :)


USMC_wife - February 8

I love living in Gatlinburg (in the Smoky Mountains). It is absolutely beautiful here. Great schools nearby, grocery store, outlet malls galore, plenty of fishing, hiking, and outdoor entertainment, cheesy dinner show theaters, 4 beautiful seasons, small town atmosphere, plenty of great restaurants. I dislike the fact that everyone and their Mom knows what a great place this is and comes here! It is a huge tourist town. In the summer and holidays you will sit in traffic for hours and hours unless you take back roads, which doesn't always work because I will undoubtedly get stuck behing some tourist who found our secret going 15 mph. They think that nobody actually lives here and has anywhere to go. I dislike that they cover up any crime that occurs here as it would seriously impact the tourism industry. So, we really have no idea how safe our streets are. Oh, and last but not least....I dislike the fact that you can hardly find a piece of property or a house that isn't an overnight rental. It drives cost of homes way up, if you can even find a place to live. oops.... sorry if this sounded like a vent.....


DeeJay - February 8

I like being cloce to both the Mountains (pocanos) and the Jersey shore. Also only 2 hours from the Chesapeak Bay. I live in the suburbs but only about 20 min from Philly so we are pretty populated and you can get to anything. I dislike that we have some of the highest housing prices in the country and we pay alot in taxes but our polit_tians are all being arrested right now for squandering it all on themselves.


sophiasmom - February 8

I love my house and the place where we live, nice shops and malls, coffeshops, good preschool and schools for the kids, weather is a big plus, and most of Disneyland! Each year we get the annual pa__s for dh, ds (3yrs) and myself, dd is 9mos enjoys it too but we don't pay for her yet...But a big dislike is the Traffic!... hate it , hate it...we live in LA


mandee25 - February 8

I like where we live because it's only a 10 minute drive to work and 15 minutes to town where we get our groceries.We also live in the country. Our neighbours are very nice. A few drawbacks is my parents live 45 minutes away and I don't get to see them as often as I like.


shelly - February 8

im fed up with where we live,we have a bridge that trains run by underneath just 1 min away and apart from if i leave the balcony door open all the dust comes in and all the drunks seem to use the bridge on their way home from the pub ,all singing like a cats chorus,the other night i saw one man weeing against the bridge and this was early evening[not that im a bridge troll lol] and all the grafitti thats in london everywhere you go,and a good 15 mins uphill walk to the shops,what was i thinking when i moved in,it sound like a terrible place to live lol. on the plus side there is two nice parks the other direction and its close to the schools, this is an interesting thread lisastar.



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