Lindsey Lindsay And Mommie2b Are You Out There

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Jenn2 - June 27

Hey ladies! I just wanted to see how things were going with all three of you. I dont know how often you post I'm sure you are all busy with your little ones. Everything is starting to work itself out with me. I had a tough first week. As you all know....I'm a first time mommie, and its tough work!! It like having a 24/7 job that you never get a break from. My little girl was having some stomach upset for a few days, but the last couple days have been a little bit better, so I'm crossing my fingers that it was just her tummy getting used to digesting her food. She still hits fussy spells, but its a different type of fussy than those first few days. I know you all posted your birth stories on the 3rd trimester board, but just to the date you gave birth, the size of your baby, and let me know how everything is going so far for you. For little girl was born on June 16th.....she weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces....and was 21.5 long.


Lindsey - June 28

Hi Jenn, my ds (George) was born on 15th June, weighed 7lb 9oz and was 19" long. I know what you mean about it being hard, as i'm a 1st time mummy too. My dh went back to work today so I am doing all the night time feeds, which is loads as at the moment he is feeding every 2-3 hours. He is also suffering with colic which means he has temper tantrums. I try and get on a few times a day, sometimes more...


Jenn2 - June 28

Hey Lindsey! Well, I take back what I said above about her tummy getting better. She has fussed non-stop today after every feeding, and it has been really hard to get her to sleep. I think she either has reflux or is colicky. I am taking her to the doctor tommorow, and if its reflux....I think there is some stuff they can give her to help her tummy. Its really hard to watch my baby fuss when she's in pain. It really does a number on my nerves. Are you b___st feeding or formula feeding? I have been b___st feeding, but I may start trying some different formulas that are designed for easier digestion. I only want what will make her more comforitable. keep me updated on your little boy.


lindsay - June 28

hey jenn! (and lindsey and mommie2b!) i'm doing really well! sorry to hear about yours and lindsey's tummy issues :-( that sucks! ok, well lexi was born on june 13th at 2:26 pm, 7 lbs 10 oz 20 inches... she is so lazy, lol... all she does is sleep! i mean , i know that's all newborns do , but sometimes i have to wake her to feed her because she sleeps like 5 hour stretches a lot of times! great for night time but i worry she is not eating enough (although i think she poops twice for every feeding.)plus, she'll eat for like 5 or 7 minutes at my b___st and pa__s out...i think my b___sts are very comforting for her.. so i give her a few bottles during the course of the day also because i am really concerned she isn't getting all my hindmilk. (bottles of pumped milk, i haven't needed to supplement as of yet). how are your babies eating habits other than cranky and spitting up?? she hardly spits but she did throw up everyhing this morning after a feeding :-( i hope she isn't starting some type of problem!!! mommie2b, how is your little guy?? is his arm healing alright?? my recovery is going well, but it is hard for me to be on my feet too much yet... it is like all the blood in my body pools into my "womanhood" and it is so uncomfortable!!!! tmi, i know, sorry, but it just throbs!! do any of you know what i mean?? and i am so frustrated because i am ready to start working out again, but it would just be too much for me this early, but i am tired of being fat!! talk to you all soon!


angelbebe - June 28

I hope you don't mind me joining in. Always curious how you ladies are doing with your little ones. Lindsay, I have had the same issues with my little Paia. She is 4 weeks old and I still sometimes have trouble keeping her awake past 10 minutes...other times after 15 or 20 minutes. I am also giving her some pumped milk in a bottle to make sure she is getting that hind milk. Most times she latches on okay, but other times not. She has been pretty fussy after some feedings for about a week now. Hard to know if she is colicy or if she it's just the immature digestive system. She never cries, just crankiness that never lasts more than maybe 20 minutes. She'll give a good poop or burp and seems to be fine.


Lindsey - June 29

Hi All, welcome angelbebe. I tried b___stfeeding but my ds was having none of it, i have inverted nipples so had to use shields, he was ok on them in hospital but i worried like the rest of you that he wasn't getting enough good stuff so I have switched him to SMA gold formula, he seems a lot more contented and has now started sleeping more, I'm still up every 4 hours. Jenn, I give my little boy infacol (not sure if you can get it in the US), you administor it through a syringe in his mouth, it's orange flavour and he loves it, you give it to them before every feed, and so far he hasn't been too wingey. he still has his moments, usually at 4 in the morning lol. DS is 2 weeks old today and i'm amazed at how fast it is going. I myself am very well, although i'm no complaining but i was told i would bleed for 4-6 weeks, and i now have nothing, is this becasue i don't b___stfeed (sorry if tmi), just wondering what's happening to the rest of you!


Lindsey - June 29

Jenn, please let me know what your doctor says aswell about the reflux/colic. I think the way to tell is that with colic, he brings his knees to his chest and with reflux he straightens his legs. Not 100% on that though! Anyway i'll beback on later as i haveto tidy up now as healh officer is coming round and i have george's stuff EVERYWHERE.


angelbebe - June 29

Hi Lindsey-I bled for about 3 weeks...not sure if it was related to b___stfeeding in that I know it brought on cramps as my uterus continued to get smaller. I also had a c-section so not sure if that means I bled less or more. Hey, are you in England? Jenn2, mommie2b, and Lindsay-where do you girls live? I have been living on an island called Roatan off the coast of Honduras for the past 1 1/2 years. My husband and I do a lot of traveling. We are heading back to the US (Los Angeles) for a couple of weeks before heading down to New Zealand for a few years where he is from. We decided the move needed to happen soon while Paia is still young. Can you believe how fast our little ones are growing already??!! I don't want time to move to fast!


lindsay - June 29

Angelbebe-- so cool of you to come on here!.. i was actually going to start a thread for you and me today so we could chat regularly!! guess you had the same idea!! :-) you and paia sound EXACTLY like me and lexi... i could have written that myself, even the part about a little crankiness that ends w/ a burp! i remember my son seemed to sleep ALL the time too, but i forget how long it lasted... like yesterday, she literally slept all day, ONLY woke to eat!! i know they sleep a lot,but it worries me when she sleeps that much... is it true what they say about growth spurts and sleeping??? anyway... i am originally from ohio but i have lived in pennsylvania for 6 consecutive years, but i went to culinary school here back in 98-99 and then lived in phoenix for a year before moving back here. i am actually going to nursing school this fall( being a chef is not a cool job to have if you have a family, unfortunately) and i need something i can retire from... so i will become an RN and hope to work as an obstetrical nurse! go figure!!! my kids have changed my life in such a wonderful way!!! i thought i had read on a post awhile back you were moving to new zealand soon... i do envy you for being able to travel and move around, although i like having my family only 5 hours away... is it hard being away from yours, especially now w/ paia??? that's the only thing i hated about phoenix... having to get on a plane to visit!! and by the way, i can't tell you how much i love paia's name... it is so beautiful and unique!! Lindsey-- you are so lucky to be done bleeding!! i bled pretty lightly at first, and thought since i had to have the d & c that i might get off pretty easlily... but it really picked up my second week, but seemes to be a little lighter again now... i bled for 5-6 weeks w/ carter (my son) and would be thrilled if i only bled a week or 2 longer this time!! jenn--- how did the doctors go??? i really hope you got some helpful info/ or maybe some medicine to help your dd-- by the way. what is her name... i don't remember you ever sharing it... : -) maybe i missed it?? lol well, i guess mommie2b is pretty busy, lol, haven't heard from her yet... i'll talk to you girlies later!!!


angelbebe - June 29

Actually my parents are here in Honduras with us. We all invested in property here and so it was great to have them around while I was pregnant...especially since we are in a "third world" country. It will be hard to leave them when I go "down under", but now my husband will be near his parents. Hey question ladies, is 4 weeks old too young to be giving us a "real" smile? Or is it likely still gas? She seems to be focusing a lot better at least on my face and other things close up. And yes, I hear it is true that they grow in their sleep! She is already outgrowing newborn wear. : (


lindsay - June 29

oh that 's wonderful your parents are w/you!! sometimes it sucks my mom is 5 hours away, and my mil is the same in the other direction (maryland) but sometimes i am happy to have that "buffer zone" as my hubby calls it, lol! and it will be nice to have your hubby's 'rents near you in new z... about the smilling... i swear lexi has smiled at me a couple of times!! i mean, she is looking right into my eyes and i am talking all silly to her and softly stroking her cheeks and she grins so big... am i crazy??? should i just pa__s this off as gas??? but i swear it seems legit!!! so if mine smiles at 2 weeks i say paia is grinning away at 4!!!


Lindsey - June 29

LOL I'm sure George smiles at me, but i know it is gas. I'm sure at 2 weeks he doesn't smile yet. Not sure if 4 weeks is too early though, i thought it was about 8 weeks when they started smiling but every baby i'm sure is different. Yes Angelbebe I live in England, I've never lived anywhere else. I'm so jealous of you though with all your travelling, I've been to Australia quite a few times as I have family out there but never been to the US, i guess my travelling days are over now for a while or at least until my ds has grown up a bit.


angelbebe - June 29

Can I just say, Lindsey, I love that you named your son George! I think that is adorable! : )


Lindsey - June 29

Thanks Angelbebe, it was so hard deciding on a boys name, also it's funny what is popular here in England against the US, not sure if George is popular there becasue of your president, but it's fairly popular over here (hopefully not too popular where there are a dozen kids in his cla__s called George), Jack, Charlie and Harry are also very popular, it seems old fashioned names have become popular again. My DS is crying again bless him, he is suffering with colic and everytime we get him off to sleep he wakes up after 5 minutes, os it's 11oclock in the evening here in England and i'm preparing myself for a long night ahead. Lucky DH is in bed as he has work in the morning. I might have to make George scream outside the bedroom door to wake him LOL


Jenn2 - June 29

hey ladies! sorry I have not been on this thread in a while......little Hailey was having an episode today. I took her to her doctor to see what he thinks needs to be done b/c of all the fussing after meals. He does not think its reflux b/c (he said) babies this young normally do not have "reflux".....that normally develops a little later, but that they do spit up a bit b/c of immature digestive systmem. He said she may have a lactose intollerance (since there is lactaid in b___st milk). He told me to try enfamil nutramigen b/c it is pre-digested, and for babies with milk protein allergies. He said to try it for 48 hours straight, and see if that helps the fussiness. I have to keep pumping in case that does not work. I hate not giving her b___st milk, but there is no sense in letting her be in pain after every feeding just for that. anyway, about how much ( in hours) do your babies cry a day? What normally sets them off? I am trying to get a feel on what is normal and what is not.


lindsay - June 29

hey jenn... i guess you got good and bad news today... good there isn't a real medical problem as of yet, bad you didn't get a definitive answer on how to fix whatever is going on :-( hopefully the formula will help, but i know you really wanted to b___stfeed... maybe you could try this: do what the doctor said for 48 hours and if it seems to help,then try mixing a bit of pumped milk in and see how she does... if hailey (so pretty, btw!!) responds well, continue that for like a week maybe. then the next week, add a bit more b___stmilk in the ratio, etc, etc, until you basically wean her from the formula back to your milk... maybe the older she gets, the better she will do as her digestive system matures and you can eventually get back to exclusively b___stfeeding, if that's what you want... just an idea!!! have you girls lost a lot of weight yet?? i gained a lot and have only lost 20 lbs so far... i can't wait til i feel up to exercising...bowflex, here i come! i really have issues w/ my self image and struggle w/ my confidence and self-esteem when i'm like this...even if it happened for a good reason! i just want junk when i am preggo, so it is my own fault... but i am ready to get it off!!!


angelbebe - June 30

You know I read something the other day about how important it is that your baby get the hind milk not only because it has all the good fat and calories they need, but also in that it works in breaking down the lactaid or something. In other words babies who aren't getting enough of the hind milk may be fussier for that reason...too much lactaid or something. I will find out specifically what it said in this up to date b___stfeeding book I have. It made sense when I read it. I am pretty sure my daughters fussiness is just her not liking pa__sing gas or a bowel movement. She doesn't cry, just fusses until it pa__ses. As for me and weight, i have to admit I got lucky on this one. i only gained 25 lbs total and have lost 21lbs of it. I guess my mother was the same way. In fact, I hardly showed until the 8th month and even at full term people thought I only looked like 6 months at the most. I ate a ton too!! I did swim a lot though so I think that helped. But, hey, at least we all have an excuse to have a few extra pounds on! Oh, Paia has just pooped again...don't ya love it when they poop right after you just changed them?!! : )



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