Little Girl Room Ideas

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ry - July 2

Hi gals! We are moving in our new house next week and I want to do my baby girls room really cute. Anyone know of any good websites with picture ideas or can you tell me how you did your little girls room? Its gotta be pink or purple, or maybe sky blue with painted clouds. Really girly!!! :) Thanks!


TinaMarie - July 2

Angelina Kathryn's room is all pale pink with white trim.(the color is hard to tell in the pics) We were on a budget so I made hello kitty curtains and framed pictures. The pictures were not up yet when we took the pics.


TinaMarie - July 2

Remove any - that got added to the link.


livdea - July 2

well, I ended up doing flowers too! I'm not a huge flower person but I went to town on the flower deal. but I was strict against using cartoony flowers. I just like the real (well silk!) flowers and how they looked. I also incorporated a lot of live plants in her room. Its still in progress since my little one isn't here yet. but you can see what I've done so far in her room!


Nerdy Girl - July 2

We went towards the cartoonish flowers because the entire rest of our house is very modern. We have bold colors and stainless accessories throughout the house, so it seemed weird to make a flowery Laura Ashley type room in our house. (Here is a glimpse into my house - my living room is full of huge B&W photos of my kids along with contempory art and sculptures, our curtains are suspended by plaster hands coming out of the wall, and we have a lamp made out of Xrays.) Not that traditional flowered stuff wouldn't look good - it just would be out of place in our decor.


livdea - July 2

ry, I'm stupid! here's my address! and her room pic is under likes and dislikes! Sorry, I'm spacing out...just about ready to have my girly any day!


livdea - July 2

OH! and I'm NOT implying that the cartoon flowers aren't cute or anything!!! just not me!! :)


ry - July 3

Thank you guys! Livdea, your website is beautiful! Good luck with your delivery!


Gwenna-mom - July 3

I painted my dd's room light blue and I bought a wedding dress from the Goodwill. I turned it into a beady/lacy curtain. I remember my mom telling me "That dress looks like a curtain!" about some bad 80's fashions. So now I have a dress that is a curtain!


Beth B - July 3

If I had a little girl (or if I ever do) I am going to do a tinker bell or fairy themed room.....they make tinker bell print bedding now. I think you can get it at walmart. They also make tinker bell wall stickies so cute and girly


HANNAHs Mom - July 3

Check out a Pottery Barn Kids catalog or better yet, their website ( stuff is awesome and there catalog gives you some really great ideas and color schemes for bedrooms and playrooms. My daughters room turned out really cute!



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