Little Hands In The Way

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FF - November 25

My 4 month old has discovered his hands, and he's busy exploring everything, which is fine and dandy until I feed him. His new favorite thing is to knock his bottle out of his mouth or onto the floor, and then throw a fit because apparently he thinks I did it! It's kind of funny to watch, but it does get tiresome. Feeding him used to only take about 15 minutes but now it takes twice that long 'cause he's constantly hitting the bottle with his little hands. I admit it's not a very serious problem, it's actually pretty funny, but I was just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? Any ideas ladies?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 25

That is so funny FF. Lucas is doing the same thing! He is really strong and just loving being able to maneuver those hands. He takes the bottle in and out of his mouth to look at it! Also, now he grabs at anything and everything!. There is no more looking at a magazine with him on my lap cause he grabs it, tears it and immediately tries to get it in his mouth!LOL! I think it will get worse before it gets better. It is comical and frustrating at the same time.


Shelly - November 25

Jesse is 16 weeks now and he too has discovered his hands BIG TIME!!! It is making it harder to feed b/c he is busy with his hands,or he tries to hold the bottle and by mistake pushes it away and then he throws a fit b/c he is hungry and wants to eat.It is funny,especially when he tries to put both fists in his mouth.I don't have any ideas what to do about it,not much,I think.It doesn't bother me but I thought I will share and let you know I am in the same boat.I think that boat will become a cruiseship,I am pretty sure a lot of mothers have the same thing going LOL.


FF - November 25

Ha, Ha- Thanks Rachel and Shelly! I agree, it is comical and a little frustrating ;) Oh, and Rachel, I know all about reading with Brody in my lap- yesterday he almost ripped an entire page out of a book my dad let me borrow! Sheesh! lol!


CEM - November 25

Yep, same thing's happening to me! My baby likes to do it when I'm feeding him dinner. Try cleaning off little hands covered in sweet potato, squished between every finger and smeared all over his face! Not fun....!


Zack's mom - November 25

My MIL thought me this... You have 2 hand right? Hands #1 carrying the baby and Hands #2 holding bottle. Use Hands #2 to take baby's hand that is closest to Hand #1 and hold it to Hands #1. Use Hands #2, take baby's hand that is against your chest and wedge it between baby's side body and your b___st/chest. Hold him slightly tighter against you as he will squirm a bit. Now he's hands can't move and you can do your thing. Hope this helps!


TC - November 25

My 12 wk old has discovered his hands as well. He clamps them together and it is hard to wipe underneath his chubby neck. He knocks the bottle away all of the time. The other day he took his pacifier out of his mouth and flung it across the room. It scared me for a minute bc I had just watched "Exorcism of Emily Rose" and I just knew that my little baby was posessed. LOL!!!


BBK ® © - November 25

Yup! it's no fun strapping her on to anything or even tucking her in because she always plays with the restraint or the footmuff :-) My daughter is also a bit over 4 months


lisa - November 26

dread to think it gets worse!!! ;-) my baby girl is 3 weeks and her razor sharp nails swipe my nipples, she gets her hands up near her mouth when im trying to latch her on


FF - November 26

Ouch lisa! I know how sharp those little nails can be, I get swiped in the face all the time! ;)


Jamie - November 26

My daughter is just under 4 months, and loves to grab at stuff with her hands...most recently, she'll grab handfuls of *me* while have learned to occupy those little hands with a burp cloth or a small, soft toy.



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