Little Headbanger

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countrymom401 - October 29

My ds has been pulling himself up now for a few weeks. He seems to fall alot too. I thought it just came with the terriority. My lo is always sporting a new bump or bruise. Nothing serious though. Well my MIL came over the other day and seen his most recent battle wound. She told me that I'm not watching him close enough and I should take better care of her grandbaby. And that maybe I am neglecting him if he is falling so much That hurt.I do not neglect my child. I told her that right before I told her she should go. I was wondering if your lo"s fell alot at this stage too. My house is safe he can't fall on things that would really hurt just the floor. I watch him all day and can't always leap over everything to push a pillow under him to break his fall.Please tell me if your lo's went though this.


divamommy - October 29

Do NOT beat yourself up over this! Your mil is being heartless. I watch m 9month old dd walk and fall, sit and fall, etc....You can't control everytime they's going to happen, they are Learning! My grandmother(who has 7 children) were talking about this the other day...I can't believe babies aren't brain damaged by the time they are 2 as much as they bump their heads! She agreed! She said when my uncle was a baby he would stand against the wall and then fall straight back and hit his head on hard wood floors! He turned out to a very intelligent man!...Sorry so long, but I wanted to let you know that you have nothing to feel bad about! Take care!


wailing - October 29

Countrymom--I'm so sorry ur mil said that. How terrible. Of course u are not a neglectful mother. The fact that u are even posting b/c u think u might be says enough. ALL children have accidents, fall, bruise, get battle wounds. It's a part of growing up. Of course we don't want them to but it happens. My friend and I were just discussing this yesturday. Her sister goes nuts every time their 1yr old falls or gets the tiniest sc___pe. They've turned him into a PARANOID HIGH ANXIETY child. Poor thing cries at the drop of a hat. On the otherhand, my friends son who is the same age falls or gets a boo-boo while playing and she just dusts him off, makes sure it's not serious and lets him move on. He is so much more calm and easy going. This is not to say that we shouldn't worry when our children are injured, but their is a way to care w/ out being too overprotective. I hope ur MIL apologizes. U deserve it!!!



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