Little Screamer

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vanja10 - March 13

Every time i change my son's diaper or give him a bath he screams like there is no tomorrow... I guess this is normal for newborns, but is there anything that i can do to stop him from screaming... the second he's covered again he stops crying like nothing happened.. I don't mind during the day, but changing diapers at night time, i feel bad for my landlords upstairs as they must not be getting much sleep.. I try to change him before I feed him as I don't want to be peed on or pooped on. *lol* Maybe it's the hunger screaming.. also, he does the cutest little thing after he's done eating... 5 minutes after i put him in his crib he makes this sound "aaaaaaaaah" like a sigh.. *lol* it's so funny... i was telling my friend about it over the phone and i finished feeding him and 5 minutes later he goes: aaaaaaaah.. *lol* so cute...


ladybug - March 13

your baby is a newborn? my son did the same thing when he was a newborn. hated to have his diaper or clothes changed..only thing i did was either just try to hurry or cover the upper part of his chest up while i was changing his diaper or give him a binky..of course he dont scream now hes 8 1/2 months old..he just trys to roll over a crawl away naked lol..good dont worry about the neighbors...its all part of having a baby


ash2 - March 13

You could try giving him something to grasp a rattle or turn a toy on that plays music to distract him untill it is over...


eclipse - March 13

I give my son a little stuffed bear thing or goose to play with while I'm changing him-it really distracts him-of course, now he is trying to flip while I'm changing him, so instead of crying, he is travelling...sigh... :)


vanja10 - March 13

ladybug - yup, he's 12 days old now... when did ur son stop screaming? Mine is having his circ_mcision on thursday and i'm so not looking forward to crying.. anyone know how long it takes to heal? thanks


Steph - March 13

If he's only 12 days've got to give him some time. My son screamed bloody murder during baths like I was killing him. It took him about a month or so for him to enjoy them. A circ ususally takes about 5 days to heal. My suggestion (per my ped) was to get some gauze pads, and cut them into little square and slather vasaline on the gauze pad at EVERY diaper change. Leave the guaze pad with the vasaline on it until the next diaper change. It worked like a charm for my son and it was super easy.



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