Little Vent About My Dd S Name

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sahmof3 - January 31

I am a little annoyed by this, don't know why... I should just ignore it, but... some people hear my dd's name (Leah) and feel the need to say, "Why didn't you call her Rachel?" (For those who aren't Christian or familiar w/ the Bible, there were sisters that Jacob married... Leah was apparently not attractive, but she was the oldest and her father tricked Jacob into marrying her before he let him marry the prettier Rachel). They act like I'm jinxing her into being ugly or something... plus, she has no sister, so no worries about fighting over the same man in the future LOL. Just a dumb vent ;-)


sahmof3 - January 31

Just encountered this comment last night while at my grandmother's apt. in a retirement home... one of the ladies that lives there asked me her name and said that (I've heard it before, too!)... in case you are wondering what got me started ;-)


mandee25 - January 31

I would never have thought of that. I think Leah is a very pretty name personally.


USMC_wife - January 31

Hey! I have a Leah too, but have never gotten a ridiculous comment like that....thank goodness. My sister's name is it wasn't even an option for us. lol. I absolutely love my dd's name. It suits her completely, and she is definetly not ugly....just as I'm sure your dd isn't. (and I'm certain we won't have to trick anyone into marrying


Ca__sJ - January 31

LOL! Thats crazy. I used to work in a retirement home and old people can say some crazy things. I had one woman tell me that I need to hurry up and get married, I was 20 at the time!


jenn95 - January 31

well, i could say alot of things here, but 1s of all, leah was not ugly and there are alot of commeraries on the bible that explains the whole story in depth and how it really wasn't so bad that jacob married leah. and she was also a righteous woman who is buried along with her husband in the cave of the patriarchs in hebron, israel. but besides that people will always say dumb things and you just don't have to pay attention. and thirdly, in judaism it says that a parent is blessed with , i don't know what it's called in english, roughly translated as "divine spirit" which means the name you choose for your baby is right because that 's what God put in your mouth to call her. so that's all. don't pay attention to dummys!


HannahBaby - January 31

LOL, that is so strange that someone would say that to you.....


Rabbits07 - January 31

The Bible does say that Rachel was beautiful and Leah was tender it doesn't say she was ugly, but the book makes it clear that Rachel was favored due to her beauty. One would a__sume that Leah paled by far in comparison to her sister. It's weird that people would think Leah is a bad name due to that! I guess if you'd had a boy you would've named him Esau?


bchflwr - January 31

My name is Leah and although I am familiar with the story, that is ridiculous someone a__suming your child will be ugly due to the name. People say the dumbest things sometimes. Most people name their child because they think the NAME is pretty, not the person who she was named after! I would just respond with "We like the name Leah". As we learned when we announced our child's name we are never going to please everyone with the name. My biggest problem is with people pronouncing my name Lee, which is my brothers middle name. Drives me crazy! I do get many compliments on how it is a beautiful name, and I don't think I am extremely unattractive either!


Emily - January 31

People asked me what we were going to call Mary when she was born. They could not beleive we named her that. My dh finally started retorting, we plan on calling her Jack! I mean come on. Of course the older ladies love it. Those of my generation didn't get it. By the way I love the name and I am familer with the story and I dont see why they atomatically jump to that conclution. Some people jsut need to learn to bite thier toungs....


EMBERBABY - January 31

Leah is a beautiful name! I don't know what happens to some elderly people it's like they feel they have a free pa__s to say whatever pops into their mind. It's crazy the things they say lol


maryl14 - January 31

emily understand when i found out i was pregnant w/ my first dd everyone said oh you have to name her Mary its a strong name and it will guide her to be a virgin til marriage and this is when we told them we had picked savannah and i would say well savannah is a strong name to and then i would say a smart comment like my names mary and i wasn't a virgin when i got married that would always shut them up lol and now everyone just adores her name which is savannah morgane


djh - January 31

We have an "Omri" in our family and more than one "high and mightly" has asked why he was named that. In the old testament Omri was a bad what, eh? THIS Omri is delightful, extremely intelligent, loving, giving, and a wonderful older brother to his little bro. The worst thing is people have actually asked if his name in in rambunctious...silly people. Rock on samhmof3, Leah is a beautiful name.


sophandbob - January 31

I am v familair with the story, bt I must admit that that is not what I would have thought of when hearing the name. I did teach a cain though that made me wonder!


Kara H. - January 31

Wow, I had no idea some people were that into biblical names and their origins. Kinda makes you wonder why there aren't more little kids named Jesus running around!


Kara H. - January 31

I should also note that there are 5 pastors in our extended family and not one of thier children have biblical names.


sahmof3 - January 31

Thanks all lol. I don't know what the deal is. I mean just because the thought pops into their head that there was a Leah whose sister was more attractive than she was (at least to Jacob) they think they should actually voice it to me? Anyway, I chose it because I think it sounds pretty, looks pretty when written and I have only ever known 2 Leahs and both were very bubbly and outgoing... which is funny because that is my dd's personality, too :-) As far as God having a hand in naming her... I've heard that, too... not sure if I beleve it or not, but if it's true her name (first and middle together) means "weary defender of mankind"... she'll have a lot to live up to.. hehe!



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