Lo Puking More

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jenna32 - January 20

ok dd has been puking and spitting up more then she did the first 6 weeks,shes entering her 8th week now. Her bm are also very runny, i am br___tfeeding partly(started to more often) and heard their bm's are supposed to be runny from that so i can't really tell if she has diarrhea or not.So i tried cutting out all caffeine one day,didn't work.now i'm thinking of cutting out dairy to see if she has a milk allergy.i haven't been eating chocolate or anything bad.does anyone else know or have experience with what else could possibly be causing more spit up and puking??


Kylan - January 20

are you pumping or supplementing w/ formula?


lmk - January 20

Jenna, First, kellymom dot com has tons of info on this and other b___stfeeding issues. Also, caffeine may make a baby jittery, if you drink tons of it, but a cup or 2 a day is not really going to affect her, and especially in this way. Spitting up is not usually a problem, unless the baby isn't gaining weight or seems to be in pain while doing it - then that could be GERD. As far as cutting out dairy, that may help if the spitting up is due to an allergy yo the milk protein, but if you're giving the baby milk based formula, then that will not help much. If you're able to b___stfeed 100%, that may help also, as bm is digested faster and isn't in the stomach to be spat up for as long. I bf only and I went off all dairy one week ago. My lo has a lot less gas, strains a lot less, and seems much happier more of the time. He still spits up though...can't tell if that will diminish or not. Oh and I basically stopped eating chocolate pretty much when I went off dairy...almost all choco has some dairy in it...Plain cocoa beans aren't that yummy!


Cevvin - January 20

The only thing that i noticed when i stopped dairy is the gas and discomfort, not the spitting up. My lo spit up alot, but finally grew out of it. Doc wasn't concerned about it since she is 100 percentile since she was 6 weeks old ha ha.


jenna32 - January 22

i'm supplementing with formula at night and pumping quite a bit ky.thank u,i'll have to check out that kellymom website after this. i don't think she is loseing weight but we don't go to the doctors for another couple weeks.i suspected a milk allergy,don't know what else it would have been, she never used to maybe it just started and it should be normal. When i go to burp her is when she does puke or spit up most of the time and she starts crying a bit until she gets it out.



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