Lo Was Saying Mama But Not Anymore

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austinsmom - July 11

Just curious.....my lo was saying ma ma mam lots and it was really clear for about 2 weeks but now for the last 2 weeks I have not heard him saying anything....He is 6 months and I know he doesnt know what he is saying or anything but I wondered if this is normal? I kinda thought ....ok so mama is his first word and then he would build on that but it seems like he forgot how to form ma ma or something....sorry if this sounds stupid but I was just wondering........oh by the way he has learned how to fake cough lol it is so cute......I thought now how would he have figured out how to do that? Well I found out when I dropped him off at memaws (she and papaw watch lo 2 days a week) and papaw said "Austin can you cuh cuh cuh" fake cough and I said awww papaw why would you teach him such a thing? So funny what they learn and pick up.......


Narcissus - July 11

My son used to do the same thing and it also made me wonder. He would find a word that he loved and repeat it for a week and then he would not speak the word for months. He's 1.5 now and can speak at least 20 words. Don't worry bc it does not mean much by way of development.


LisaB - July 11

From what I've read is once that they will repeat something over and over then move on to the next they don't forget what they already learned they just have to have a "blank slate" to master the next word or milestone. Sounds normal to me.


Rabbits07 - July 12

At that age they aren't really saying their first word....like the other ladies said, they find a syllable they can say and seem to stick to it for a while....if he were over a year I would be a litle concerned, but not at 6 months. The coughing thing is sooooo cute!


KadensMom - July 12

I could not believe when I read this question, I was just asking my friends at work w/ children if this was normal because my son did the same exact thing. He said Mama all the time for about 2 weeks(he was around 7months old at the time), then just stopped and now I can't get him to say it for the life of me. He is now 10 months old and mumbles other sounds all the time but still no mama. I read about early signs of autism and this is what scared me that maybe he would be showing signs of this but everyone I tell that to thinks I'm benig a crazy first time Mom and they say it's normal for them to go through these phases of making different sounds because to them it's just that-not a first word really. I hope this helps at all:-) My son does the fake cough thing as well-crazy how smart they are. I think he did it once and saw the attention it got him..lol


austinsmom - July 12

thank you ladies I will not worry about it then....yes kadensmom I read about the early signs of autism as well and you hit the nail on the head......I will just wait to see what comes outta his mouth next!!!!! With bated breath lol



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