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Hana - February 1

As mentioned in a previous post my ds has experienced some serious stranger anxiety recently (he's 4.5 months) and today i lifted him so that he could face a mirror and he screamed bloody murder lol it was the same scream when he sees other people, he thought his reflection was someone new. Gosh i dont have a smart kid on my hands LOL Oh and i am soooooo tired of him screaming when i leave the room..its like i have to distract him and then duck and run so he wont cry im so drained and dont know what to do!


Brandi - February 1

That's cute, Evan loves to play with the cute baby in the mirror. He always gives him kisses hehe.


apr - February 1

my ds laughs at himself wen i put him infront of the mirror. I wonder who the smart one is lol. being scared of ppl doesnt make you stupid. my ds laughs to anyone whol takes him, and he goes to anyone. I dunno if thats too good either


Hana - February 1

Apr no i doubted his intellegence not because he is afraid of people but because he didn't recognise himself lol but i know that they dont until a few more months:)


kellens mom - February 1

In order to give yourself a break, can you hire a neighbor girl to be a mother's helper for an hour or so after school? The first few times, I am sure that you will all have to play together. Eventually the sitter will become a fixture and he will look forward to playing with her for a change of pace. Our neighbor girls are 10, 12, and 14. The younger ones would kill to help for a $1 or 2. Plus you are technically within shouting distance from them, so you need not worry about leaving our son with someone that is young.


Rabbits07 - February 1

That's so funny! They can have some odd reactions when they don't recognize someone. My stepson who is 25 had not been over since Oct. and he came to visit right before Christmas. Well, he is a spitting image of my dh (a younger version anyways). He was holding Mason (9 moths old at the time) and Mason would stare at him so intently, then he would stare at dh, then back to my It was so funny. It was like he was trying to figure out why there was 2 of his daddy now instead of one!



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