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Shea - June 23

We are getting ready to drive down to my parents house in FL, about a 14 hr car trip, and this will be the first time my ds, 5.5 months old, will have been in the car for more than an hour. He is a very happy, easy baby, but I am worried about how he will do over a long trip like this - any advise? I am planning on bringing books and toys, etc., even considered a dvd player, but with rear facing seat, doesnt' seem like it would work well (plus that had always been one of my pet peeves - we always went on road trips when I was a kid & WE didn't have dvd players (that's probably a good post for the thread about what you always said you wouldn't do, lol)). I keep kicking myself for not flying, but it's too late now, and it was supposed to be a whole family trip (my 2 stepsons, dh, ds, me & dog), but stepsons backed out for better offers from friends (teenagers, ahgggh!!!) and now it's just dh, baby,me & dog. Has anyone taken this long of a trip w/ baby?


AprilMum - June 23

Could one of you sit in the back with him? I don't think a dvd player would be necessary, especially for a five month old - but I would keep toys, books, and a mirror on hand. There will obviously be pit stops on a 14 hour trip - I would just make sure to take a couple extra.


jilly01 - June 23

my husband is a race car driver so we take long trips all the time, she took her first long car ride at about 4 weeks! she does really really well. she can go anywhere now. just make sure at your pee breaks he has one too, she loves to be able to look out the window. dvd player yeah i would. she has one and a toy for the car, she loves to watch the lights change and the sounds on the tv. you can do it!!! i'm getting ready to do it today and i come right back too after a long weekend she has to go everywhere with me and the race...lol. just commit to what your going to do and stay with it they will adjust


ConnorsMommy - June 24

yeah, i took a trip from Northern Cali to Southern Cali.. just me and my ds! boy was that a looooong trip! just keep in mind, traveling with a baby calls for more stops! my trip should've taken 8 hours, but instead it took 15! but i'm sure since you're dh will be with you, things will be A LOT easier :)


Rabbits07 - June 24

When we went on vacation last year it was about a 8 hour drive. We were travelling with 5 children so we chose to start our trip at night (around 11 PM), so the kids slept the most of the way there (as did I as dh drove). Of course, you don't sleep as well in a car, but babies don't really seem to mind. All my info had said it was a 12 hour drive, but it only ended up being 8 so we arrived way before time to check into our cottage.....we were exhausted and had to go do some sightseeing, but once check-in time came we took a4 hour nap. Since you are going to your parents house you could probably give the grandparents some alone time with baby while you and dh caught a nap if you decide to drive at night. It's not for everyone, but it does eliminate having to entertain the lo's for several hours.


BIG RED - June 24

Hi Shea my 2 girls are 5&6 almost. I took a trip with them to California from Idaho it was total 2 day trip all day in the car & most of the night. When I went on this trip my girls where just 3 months & 15 months. I just made sure I brought color books, toys lots of premade bottles & I invested in a bottle warmer for the car. I also brought a couple of spare binkies. We only got out the car to go to the hotel in Vegas the 1st night other than that just stopped to change diapers. It really wasn't so bad. GOOD LUCK!!!!!


SonyaM - June 24

I had a friend drove from San Antonio Texas to Lake Tahoe with her then 18 month old and she did great. I drove about six hours with my son when he was about 13 months old and I about lost my mind. My son was pretty okay but I hate long car rides so I was a mess.


Shea - July 7

Well we are back and it went great! One of us was always in the back with ds and brought books and toys to play with. At my Moms, he was great too, even cut a tooth on 4th of July and no problems. We took him in the ocean, in a pool and even in my moms hot tub (which she keeps cool water in) and he did great. I am so lucky. Anyway, I just wanted to share.



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