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MrsShelton217 - February 7

Hey ladies! Congrats on everyones babies! Our Owen is now a little over 4 months old. Healthy kid too! I am just curious... how much does everyones babies weigh. People keep telling me that he is small. (He was a little over a month premature though, so he is supposed to be a little smaller IMO) What were your babies stats at birth, and what are they now?


kimberly - February 7

Hello Mrs. Shelton! Glad to hear all is good with you and your son! I know you had a rough time with him. My dd was 7 lbs. 2 oz. 20 in. at birth and she will be 6 months on the 16th(5.5 months now) and she is 18 lbs. 11 oz 26 in. but she is on the chubby side. 95% for weight! What did your sn weigh and what does he weigh now? As you know it is normal for a premmie to be smaller.


Krissy25 - February 7

Hi, i remember you, i'm glad your baby is healthy and doing well. My baby was 3 weeks early but definitely not on the small side. She weighed a solid 8lbs. 4 oz. At 4 months she weighed 14 lbs 14 oz. and at 6 months she weighs 16 lbs. I wouldn't worry to much about the weight as long as he is healthy and continues to gain weight.


MrsShelton217 - February 7

Owen is 4 months 3 days old. He was 6lbs at birth, 19in. (He was a good sized preemie) However, he was unable to nurse, or bottle feed for several days. He lost down to 5lbs 2 oz. He didn't reach his birth weight again until about 6 weeks of age. We had to go in every 3 days once he was out of hospital for weight checks. He is now 11lbs 2oz (as of Tuesday) and 24" long. He is in the 50th for length and 5th for weight. I forgot to ask what his head circ, was though. It look in proportion w/ his body though. Owen will not take anymore than 4 oz of b___stmilk or formula at a time. He eats about ev 4-5 hours and sleeps for 8-9 hours at night. So he really only gets about 20 ounces of sustenance per day. His doctor started him on rice cereal at 8 weeks in order to give him some extra calories. Now he has started him on veggies, and fruits once a day. So, he is eating solids in the mornings, and still taking around 20 oz (kinda hard to measure what he nurses from me though). His ped. keeps saying he is small for 4 months... but technically, he is only 3 months. He is pretty close to being on target for a 3 month old. I think for 3 months he was like 60th for length, and 30th for weight. (something like that, i'd have to go back and look at his records)


tish212 - February 7

wow glad to hear ur ds is doing so well! alexa was 6lbs 9oz and 19 inches born at 38 weeks..she is now 7 weeks at 22in and 10lbs 11oz...shes all cheeks!


Krissy25 - February 7

Mrs Shelton, he is on the smaller side but it sounds like he is doing great, and i bet by 5 months he will have doubled his birth weight.


Buffi R. - February 7

Hi Mrs Shelton! Welcome back! Do you know if your pediatrician is evaluating Owen based on his gestational age, or chronological, or both? For a preemie, that can make a big difference. His gestational age is based on his due date. I can't remember exactly how many weeks early he was born, but let's say he was 4 weeks early. That means that when he was 4 weeks old (the chronological age), he was 0 weeks gestational age, just like a newborn. At 8 weeks old, he was 4 weeks gestational age, etc. Gestational age is also sometimes referred to as the adjusted age, because you adjust for the prematurity. For about the first two years of life, the gest. or adjusted age is the only one you should use to compare him with full term babies. That goes for weight, developmental skills, etc. In fact, your pediatrician should be plotting his weight and size on a special growth chart that takes this into account. You might want to ask him if he's doing that. My five year old son was 8 weeks premature at birth, and he was 4 # 9-1/2 oz, 18-1/2 inches long (tall and skinny). For the last several years, he's been average for both weight & height compared to full term kids, currently weighing about 40 pounds. My new baby was born at 37 weeks, and she weighed 6 # 15 oz, 19 inches long. She just had her two month check up and was 11 # 8 oz, 22-1/2 inches long. Both of these were in the 75th percentile compared with full term babies her age, so slightly on the large side. She was in the 50th percentile at 20 days old, and I'm not sure of the %'s at birth.


MrsShelton217 - February 7

He is being plotted on both the standard chart and preemie charts. He is doing that b/c he was of large size for a preemie. His developmental skills are that of a 2 month old. He is still very wobbley. He can hold his head up for a littl while, but when you pick him up, you still have to support his entire body. He has tummy time every day, and doesn't yet push up, or really even pick his head up more than just to turn it over. He hasn't attempted to roll over yet. Although he can turn 360 degrees when he is laying in crib or floor. He has a little play center thing that I sit him up in, and I use an adult sized C shaped neck pillow around his body to help support him. When he is sitting like that he supports his head pretty well for a few minutes. See, we were never completely sure of his due date. I was originally pregnant w/ twins and one of them pa__sed away at approx 8 weeks. I THOUGHT my last period was Jan of 07... but it wasn't a regular period... then I had spotting again in Feb... and I found out I was pregnant sometime early march. So... My original due date was Nov. 12th 07. Then they kept moving it up w/ he was measuring so big. The last due date I had was Nov. 4th which put him exactly 1 month early. After the NICU staff evaluated him, they (and his ped.) are leaning towards him being about 6 weeks early b/c he still didn't have nipples (they were not visible) and his foot prints were not well defined. He was also unable to SSB at the same time, and was unable to maintain body temp, or breath. He was on CPAP for a while, then just nasal canulas. He came home w/ the canula and Oxygen for about 2 weeks.


teska - February 8

I wouldnt' really worry about it. My oldest son was also a preemie - he was six weeks premature and was only 3.12 lbs. my ped. told us not to stress about the developmental issues, that he'll be fine and do things when he's ready and he did. He's almost 10 now and he did great. He needed some help with fine motor skills but by age of 5 he caught up with no problems. We didn't go crazy with him with all the developmental toys etc. mainly because we didn't have any money, but he did everything almost on schedule. I'm sure your little boy will be fine too. By the way, my youngest Vincent is 3.5 months and at 2.5 he was 15 lbs. So huge difference from Patrick!


nicdel - February 8

Hi All, Archie was born at 39 weeks and weighed 9lb 10oz and was 57cm in length. he is 19 weeks today and weighs 18lb 1oz he was b___stfed totally until about 2 weeks ago, He is not very chubby he is very long now 71cm (28inches), his dad is 6foot 2 though. Was wondering how much formula are all your babies on although my boy is heavy he does not drink alot 25-30ounces a day and cereal mid morning and some pureed fruit or veg in evening(only a few teaspoons xx


Buffi R. - February 8

You might want to check into your state's early intervention program for physical therapy. My son was in a program called First Steps (Indiana's program) and we met with a physical therapist one hour a week for his first 1-1/2 years. I think it really helped, and at the time it was completely paid for by the state. Eventually First Steps inacted a parent co-pay based on your income, so your state might have a small charge too, but it's worth looking into, especially if he's developmentally delayed beyond his prematurity.


AliG - February 8

Hi Mrs. Shelton, good to hear from you. My little girl was also a preemie. At birth she weighed 3lbs and 15oz. At her 4 month check up (about 2 weeks ago) she weighed 10lbs 2 oz. On the corrected chart she is in the 25% percentile of weight and 40th percentile for length and head circ_mference. She is doing great. Her talking is on par with corrected age and her motor skills are a bit ahead of her corrected age. My doctor has me working with her to get her to roll over by dangling a toy just out of her reach. As for feeding- I am expressing b___st milk and giving it to her by bottle. She drinks about 4.5 oz every 4 hours and then sleeps one stretch of 6-7 hours at night. But I just look at how much she has grown since birth and I am amazed.


GloriaD - February 9

My dd was 7 lb 2 oz. at birth. At her four month appt. she was 11lb. 7 oz. and 25" long. She also is only 5th percent for weight. The pediatrician told me to increase her solids and that has worked wonders! She actually looks bigger. She wasn't early but she has acid reflux. She takes in about four oz. at a time four times a day. Dr. told me to offer solids as many times as she'd take them. She just loves solid food and will eat so much! Its so nice to see her so happy with food, finally!


preggoplease - February 9

Hi sweetie!! Lilly is 4 months too and weighs almost 15lbs. But she was born 8lbs 5 1/2oz.



Hi there, Well, Ms.Shelton..I don't know if you remember me from the pregnancy forums. But, you had told me I remember months, months back that your sisters or somone in your family had a child with Cystic Fibrosis..Even though the father came back as not a carrier. I was told by every doctor and surgeon that it takes 2 carriers to have a child with CF. Well, I was tested during pregnancy and came back as a carrier...my husband was tested came back not a carrier. Well, after having my son at 34 weeks and after 2 surgeries, a month in a half in the hospital they tested my baby and found out he got a very rare CF mutation from my husband. So, I have been very busy learning, and accepting this. Okay, but I think his weight gain is good he was born at 34 weeks...5.5 pounds and now is 5 months old and is 16 pounds! Glad to see your little one is doing well.


liltif - February 13

Glad to hear from you Mrs. Shelton! My DD was born Oct 3 and weighed 8lb6.6oz, 22 inches long!! She was 1 day early of my edd! I had the enduce me. At her 4 month check up on 2-8-08 she weighs 14lb1oz and is 24.5 inches. She is doing very well. She is 50% in height and weight, and 75% on her head cir. A side note I am a CF carrier and my DH was tested and was negative for 96 different gene mutations. We have two DD's that are healthy. My oldest (7 yrs) is learning about CF in school, and has donated her own money to help find a cure. I pray for all your babies to have good, healthy, long lives!


nikki2204 - February 13

Hey Mrs. Shelton! So glad to read all is well. I followed your story in the pregnancy forums as well. My dd was born 9/27, 2 weeks early weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces. She is now 4 months old and weighs 16 lbs and was 27" long! Also, head circ_mf. was 17 1/4. Off the charts. But I think Owen sounds just fine!! Glad all is well.



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