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TinaMarie - March 29

Angelina Kathryn is 4.5 months, omg she is just amazing. She seems to be learning to do new things everyday. I just love her to itty bitty pieces...lol! I was starting to be concerned because she never really made alot of sounds. She would squeal, but that was it. But 2 weeks ago the jabbering started. She just babbles away! I love it, I sit there and talk back to her, my husband looks at me like I am crazy. He even asked last night, do you two have a secret language? So I was just wondering, at what age did you little ones actually start with ma ma, da da, ba ba type sounds? I am so excited, I will just explode the first time she says Mama!!! Thanks for sharing your experiences!


Sarahsmommy - March 29

I agree with you about loving Sarah to itty bitty pieces even though I never would of thought to phase it like that, it's cute though. But I love it when she talks, she does the most first thing in the morning. She is almost 4 months now and she has probably been talking for about a month now. She starting saying "mama" a couple weeks ago. I don't think she really makes the connection between the sound "mama" and me but it's still cute. I also know that it's not just me because I didn't say anything about it to anyone else and 2 people have told me she said "mama". Just remember that every baby is different. And I don't know when they really start to say "mama and dada".


fabienne - March 29

Matthew is now 9 months old. I think he started babbling at the same age - around 4 months old. He still doesn't say mama though and like you, I'm waiting for it!!!


Janet B - March 29

My son is 14 months old and still just babbles mama & dada without connecting it to us. At least I don't think he is making the connection just yet with us and the words.


TinaMarie - March 29

Ok so maybe the whole itty bitty pieces thing was a little obnoxious...lol! But I am just more amazed with her everyday! Thanks for the input, I understand every baby is different, I was just curious about others!


The real Lissi - March 29

Hehe! I remember when my dd started babbling at 2 months. I thought, wow! I've got a child genius on my hands! I was sure she'd be talking by now, but she's 6 months, 2 weeks and I'm still waiting. Sigh! I can't wait either! She says "Brwa Bwa!", and "Amawa Wa!", but no actual words. It's so cute though. :-D


TinaMarie - March 29

lol...I make mama songs....instead of mary had had a little lamb, itis mama, mama, mama ma,,,,,,you get the idea.The funny thing is, I caught my husband doing the same with Dada! I think this means war!!



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