Looking For An Infant Sling

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meg - May 20

I'm due in about 5 weeks & currently have a 20 month old. I have a baby bjorn that I love & will use when the baby gets a bit older, but for the first several months I'd really like to use an infant sling. I'm looking for something that is easy to use & comfortable. I don't need anything that will hold a toddler or anything like that. I've looked into the Moby, Slinglings, & Hotslings...but I have no idea! Anyone have any recommendations??


cblack - May 20

hotslings are the best that I have found. They are light, super comfortable, can fold up in a diaper bag and take up basically no space at all, and are very good for the infant. I used mine for a long time with DS. Also... if you wanted it can be used up to 35 lbs... has three different ways of wearing it so it grows with your baby. Good luck... and congrats on your baby to be! :)


lmk - May 20

check out gypsymama.com. I love their wraps...I have a stretchy, a gauze, and the water wrap. I also have a Hotsling, but my lo didn't really like being carried in a cradle position, but he loved tummy to tummy (baby's upright). I definitely got more use out the gypsy mama stretchy wrap than anything else when he was really small...now i love my ergo, too.


maryg - May 20

I loved the Hotsling for my newborn, but we had to move up to a NoJo when she was about 3 mos old. The Hotsling got small quick!


gurinsa - May 20

check out the sweet fletcher reversible sling. its adorable and very easy to use!


charee - May 21

I am so glad you asked!!!!!! MAMMASMILK.COM Get one of her slings. I have the same one i had with my daughter for 2 years, and now use is with my son who is 8 mos now. I have one of the silk ones, which i love cause it doesnt STICK to your clothes and pull them around, and the baby goes in and out easy. GET THAT ONE, only mammasmilk. THEY ARE THEEEEEE BEST, i have like 4 other kinds, and the front carrier and i always use my mammasmilk.com sling. its like 65 bucks but worth every penny. I would even go as far as to say its my favorite product for baby! I thought i would like the boppy and i never use it. I love the sling. Its great, and especially with the 2nd kid when you REALLY need a free hand. I even use it hiking up a mountain and b___stfed him while he was in it, and i was hiking. GET SOMEONE TO GET YOU ONE, you wont be dissapointed!


meg - May 21

Thank so much ladies. I'm leaning toward the hotsling, but charee, I'm wondering if you can tell me a little more about the mammasmilk sling. I've looked it up online, but I can't see much detail as to how it fits...any guidnace would be great!!


Canada - May 21

I have a karma baby sling that I got online through happy healthy baby dot com that I loved! It was super easy to use and my baby loved it! It was really comfortable too...I highly recommend it.



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