Loosing This D Mn Baby Fat Lol Please Look

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no more baby fat ! - December 5

well im 17 years old and my son is now one years old...and i still have a little baby fat only because i never exercised to loose it but now i have a membership to a gym and i was just wondering what is the best exercise to loose my tummy and my chubby thighs...? thanks!! please respond asap!


Karen - December 5

I have the same problem. Only it is all over. :)


Buns of Steel! - December 5

I used to have a gym membership, and I did 20 minutes on the stair master, 10 minutes on the rowing machine... then I did about 20 minutes on the weight circuts (about 10 different kinds of weights), then I did about 10-15 minutes on the stretching machines, then I would run for 20 minutes. I only went about 2 -3 times a week. I did it for toning all over my body. I dont go to a gym anymore, but do Pilates at home, or yoga. Its a lot less effortless, and has excellent results. (when you do it often!) But if you want to just specifically work on your abs and thighs, make sure you do cardiovascular work out first, it helps to burn fat, then do some weights using your legs and abs. Dont forget to stretch!!!!!!!


monica - December 5

running has always solved my problems. Your young you should lose it fast.


Ranya - December 6

Usually when you join a gym, you can get a free session with a trainer. The elliptical cardio machine works wonders for me! Good luck :)


Jamie - December 6

I run, do crunches, and also an exercise called the "fire hydrant" - that one works wonders on your thighs, and is easy to do while playing with your baby. Just get on all fours, and lift one leg out to the side, like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. Do that 40 or 50 times with each leg, and you'll see results real fast. I usually do about 10-15 reps after I start to feel it burning, then switch legs.


Lesley - December 6

I walk almost everywhere. My trousers that I wore before I fell pregnant are now getting too big for me. My baby is 4 weeks old.



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