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Lalla - July 1

I have another quetions. I saw a thread that ash2 started about loosing weight, and I wanted to find out how long it has taken all of you to loose your weight. I gained 40 lbs, i was 140 (i had gained 10 lbs the year before i became pregnant, so I used to be 130). the first couple of weeks after i gave birth i lost 25 lbs, and I thought, wow this will be easy... well not so fast, the last 3 months i have only lost 15 lbs and i still have 5 (well 15 to get down to 130). I keep hearing about women who says that oh I br___tfed and the weight came off really fast - so how long does it take before the br___tfeeding really makes you loose some weight?


kristie h - July 1

Hi Lalla, B4 i had my son i was 55kgs and by the time i had him i was 75kgs. Well i found that i lost most of the weight i put on during pregnancy around 9-12 months after having him. I did not b___stfeed and at first i lost it realy quickley then the last 5kgs or so it took a while. I have herd on a plastic surgery tv shows that it takes up to a full two years to go to your normal weight after having ababy. I find even after having my son 18 months ago that my body is still changing and the streach marks are fading more ect ect. Give it time and exercise you will get there. Best of luck


cab - July 1

Never lost much weight until i quit bf.


Mary - July 1

I've read that your body will keep 5 or 10 lbs until you are finished b___stfeeding just to store it "just in case".


luvbendict - July 1

Hi there. I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy and I b___stfed for 10 months. When my ds was 8 months my weight was back to normal. I did not exercise nor diet, and I ate a lot, so I think the b___stfeeding must help me a lot.


Rabbits07 - July 1

I think all women are different. Some women lose it really, really fast and others at a gradual pace while b___stfeeding. I weighed 152 when I went into labor. I am 12 weeks postpartum and now weigh 119. I weighed 125 at my 6 weeks checkup. I am losing the weight at about 1 lb. a week without dieting and I b___stfeed. If you try to diet and restrict your calorie intake too much your body will respond by conserving fat and you will not lose weight even though you are dieting (this especially applies when b___stfeeding as you are burning so many calories through your milk). Some women say they were unable to lose until they stopped bf, period. So that is why I say each woman is different.


Heather F - July 1

I am bfing exclusivley and I gained 40 lbs when I was pregnant, I have 25 more to go. I exercise 3 times a week and I eat sensibly and it wont come off!


ry - July 1

When i got pregnant I was 112 lbs but lost 6 right away cause of hg. The day I had her I weighed 127lbs and 3 days later I was 106. Very strange! I do b___stfeed and am thinner now than before I got pregnant but really need to tone up, especially my stomach. It must be the b___stfeeding though!


luvmyboys - July 1

I started out 110 lbs and gained 40 lbs with first pregnancy. I only ever got down to 130 lbs before getting pregnant with #2. I again gained 40 lbs but lost it all in about 10 months (most of it came off in the first 2 months). Now I've had #3, I gained 40 lbs again (MAN! no matter what I do, I always end up gaining the same amount!!). I have lost 20 of it and he's almost 3 months but the other 20 does NOT want to come off. So I keep waiting....ideally I'd like to lose 30 to make up for what I didn't lose after #1.


nora11 - July 2

I started out at 130 lbs and ended up almost 180! I have lost about 25 lbs now and my baby is 8 days old. I hope it keeps going this fast, but we'll see!


Jenn2 - July 3

I gained about 35 pounds while pregnant. I am 2.5 weeks postpartum, and have lost 25 pounds so far. So, I guess I have about 10 pounds more to loose. I am going to walk whenever I get the chance, and just eat sensibly......and hopefully the last 10 pounds will come off within the next couple months. Most people I have known that b___stfed lost the weight within the first 3 months. I know some women dont loose it that easily, but I guess everyones bodies are different......it just depends on your body.


bbm - July 4

I gained 38 pounds and lost about 24 in the first 2 months. I lost another 4 or 5 but still have about 10 to go. It doesn't show so much but I know my belly is where the fat is at. My boy is 3 months old. I think studies show that it takes a good year for most to get back to normal.



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