Losing Baby Weight

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jls - February 14

What is everyones best advice on losing weight?


jg - February 15

I was walking for 1/2 hour a day for about 6 weeks and barely lost any weight, then started a prescription weight loss drug and continued walking, and have lost 11.5 kgs in 8 weeks. I feel so much better about myself now, and now on my third prescription I am only taking the medication every second or third day, and am still losing weight (about 1k a week) so I am thrilled with it. I found that b___stfeeding did nothing to help me lose weight and my weight stayed the same from when I left hospital to 5 months when i really tried to lose it. But certainly the weight loss medicatin has had the most effect, and I am confident that I can keep it off seeing as I am slowly weaning myself off it and am still losing weight.


J - February 15

I gained 35 lbs. while pg. I lost 30 withing 1 1/2 - 2 weeks no prob....then slowly lost 3 1/2 lbs within 3 1/2 weeks. I'm on 6 1/2 weeks and have 1 1/2 lbs. to go and can't lose anymore. I still need to lose quite a bit 'cause I weighed around 170 to begin with. Is there anything that I can do at home (without exercise equipment) to workout? Walking outside is out of the ? 'cause I live in Minnesota. It's below zero right now. Any suggestions?


pbj - February 15

I asked the same question a couple of weeks ago and someone told me about a book called "The Core". It's all about womens bodies and how to gain strength in your tummy (it also helps tone that area). I ordered it on amazon...all of the exercises are for inside. Check it out and see if it sounds interesting to you.


Grantsmom - February 15

I just ordered a book called "how to lose your mummy tummy" it is specificaly for postpartum bellies. Can't wait until it comes in. / To JG. What is the medication? I weighed 160 pre-baby and I'm still carrying 10 pounds of baby weight. I'd love to lose around 30 pounds.


Heidi - February 15

My weight just fell off when I got home from the hospital and nursed. I had a c-section and I just had NO appet_te for the first couple weeks but forced myself to eat to keep my milk going. I got lucky. I only have a few lbs to go 4 months post-partum and I'm not trying to lose it or diet. This spring it'll come off when I can get outside and walk and play with Emma.


kris A. - February 15

I gained 35 pounds and I am back to my pre- preg. weight of 150, but I had just had a mc, so I still had an extra 10 pounds on from that first preg. I am hoping to get back to my original 140. Wren is 11 weeks old, and I walk 3 miles a day, and have started weight training, but nothing seems to be making that 150 mark budge... although my body seems to be 'tightening' back up... I guess it just takes time. On a bright note, my b___bs are fuller than before - I'm not bf so it's not milk... I'm hoping they stay this way... I've never been able to fill a c cup before... hehehe.


MichelleB - February 15

I gained 40 lb and still have 20 to lose. From the day I left hte hospital I just cannot seem to lose anything. When it was fall, I would walk for at least 1 hour a day, now I do the eliptical, pilates, weights...its like the weight just doesnt want to leave...anyone else have this problem. jg, soulds like we were in the same boat.


jg - February 15

Hope I don't get in trouble for posting this, but the medication is Phentermine. I know it has lots of warnings about possible side effects (doesn't everything!?) but honestly, I felt like the dr would not have prescribed it if it was that dangerous. Anyway, it has worked fabulously for me. I normally lose about 1/2 kg from Monday to Thursday, and another 1/2 kg by the next Monday. I know it is not a miracle cure and the weight may come back on if I don't keep up the lifestyle. It is an appet_te suppressant which is just what i needed, because although i tried (TRIED!) to limit my snacks, my main meals were getting huge. Now I eat sensibly at all times and as I said before, walk walk walk!! I don't really enjoy walking but I just have to do it to keep up the weight loss. Fast walking for 1/2 hour five to six times a week has done the trick, with no more than one day between walks. Like I said I really don't like walking at all, but feeling the way I do now is sooo much better than how I felt before. 12 kgs lost to date yyaayyyyy!!! I still have about 5 kgs to go to my goal weight which is actually less that my pre-preg weight so it might not happen, but even now I am quite happy with my loss. It is such a struggle and even though you you are thrilled to have a baby, and the weight gain is a fact of life, it still can affect the way you feel about yourself, and a baby needs a happy and healthy mummy!!! Good luck everyone. From a "now not-so-fatty-boom-bar-mummy."


Jackie - February 16

Phentermine is bad! I was taking it before I got pregnanat and YES it does work but stopped taking it. The place I bought it from called and asked me if I wanted a refill and I told them I was b___stfeeding. They recommended not taking it while doing this. By the way I got mine over the internet so you do noyt need a dr prescription. Just a warning. Better safe then sorry.



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