Losing The Weight

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Rabbits07 - June 1

Just curious how some of you are going about getting off the excess baby weight? I ordered the Winsor Pilates Circle (& workout DVD's) , plus the Center Core System ball (& workout DVD's) and haven't had time to even do any of it! I've already lost 27 lbs.(probably wouldn't have lost that if it weren't for br___tfeeding), but still lack 17 to be at my pre-pregnancy weight. I can't diet as I'm br___tfeeding, but I would like to lose this spare tire around the middle. DH was calling me bird legs the other day...and I know he was calling me that because birds have skinny legs and big bodies in comparison. I'm also getting tired of wearing the same clothes everyday because it's all that will button around my waist. I am losing weight steadily at about 1 lb. a week, but it doesn't seem to be coming off of the stomache and rear areas. Any tips on getting rid of the sag around the middle?


LisaB - June 1

I am 6 lbs lighter than I was prepreggo and still can't fit in any of my clothes my hips are so WIDE now. I also am nursing and running 3 times a week which helps alot in addition to light weight training 3 times week. Wish I could do more but ds does not like the drop in day care at gym.


Annette - June 1

Same question, although b___stfeeding hasn´t done sh** for me. I gained 26 pounds with my pregnancy and after giving birth I lost only 10, baby included. I am desperate, I b___stfeed, drink lots of water, control my food intake and as of this week, train 30 mins of cardio everyday, I plan to go back to weight next week but taking it slowly. I am still in maternity pants because I refuse to buy anything 2 sizes bigger. Lisa, were you bf while running and training weights?


amandababy - June 1

I gained 75lbs iwth my son and have lost 30 since he was born (he's six weeks old). I had a c-section, also, so I've heard I probably won't lose all the weight! A lot of my weight I've lost was in my legs and stomach. I am not b___stfeeding and only eat when I have time. My doctor told me today to make sure to eat 3 meals a day, no matter how small like a bowl of cereal or some fruit, but doing this will keep your metabolism up. Make sure to eat healthy snacks in between if you can and drink lots of water. That with exercise, she said, will help drop the weight even faster!


Rabbits07 - June 2

I guess I am just used to the weight falling off quickly....which I gained more this time than I ever have before so I guess it will take longer. I guess I'm just anxious and I feel like dh is, too. He'll be flipping through the different t.v stations and find one with exercise and leave it there and tell me that there is some exercise for me to do. It's not that I don't want to exercise, but I don't want to in front of him....especially with those slim & trim women on t.v....that makes me look like 20 times larger! That is one reason I've not started the Pilates and Core system--no time during the day and when dh gets home I'm too paranoid. I guess I'm just gonna have to suck up the pride puddle and get with it and dh will just have to watch me jiggle;-) I had the bigger hips experience before (I'm hoping to bypa__s it this time) and I also refuse to buy bigger clothes. The book that came with my Pilates also mentioned that it is important to snack...healthily, of course.


Kel - June 2

I actually just started working out and my babyh is 10 weeks old already. I told myself I would work out right at 6 weeks (I had a c-section), but of course I never found the time. I signed up for Jazzercise with a friend of mine, so having that "buddy" has helped you know?? I feel guilty if I do go and she is going, kind of gives me a reason to go instead of sitting at home being like oh I'll work out tomorrow. Once I get going I'm good, but I just need that push. Ihave about 20 pounds to go myself and have already lost 30 just doing nothing :-)


LisaB - June 2

Annette, I am still bf and running and weight training I did notice a drop in my suppy so had to cut back a bit. I started slow when ds was 4weeks we started walking and added more and more each day very gradual.


Dana - June 2

I gained 55 lbs when I was preg and have lost 32 so far. It has been really hard. Once the water weight was done coming off then I was stuck. I have exercised a little bit and have started to change my eating habits, but it's hard. All I want to do is spend time w/my dh and dd, so again, it's hard for me to make myself take that time to exercise. I am still 23 lbs from my pre-preg and feel like it will never happen. I re-joined Weight Watchers yesterday, so maybe today will be the first day to the rest of my SKINNY life. Hang in there girls, it took 9 months to put on the weight and we shouldn't be so down on ourselves because our bodies are showing some child bearing signs. WE GAVE BIRTH FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!!


ashtynsmom - June 2

It just isn't fair!! I weight 5 lbs less than I did pre-preg, but still in a size larger clothes. My OB said my stomach muscles are so stretched out that things just aren't in the same place as they used to be. Plus, your hips can stretch and make you wider. It just doesn't seem fair that I worked so hard to drop the weight, but nothing fits still, ya konw?? Oh well... another gift of mother hood!! ha


Kendra - June 3

Just something to consider - I gained a lot of weight while pregnant, and lost quite a bit right away after a had the baby, then it tapered off, and I've been stuck ten pounds heavier than my pre-preg. weight - however, everyone kept telling me I looked like I did before. I was really freaking out that I couldn't drop the last ten...then I realized it was muscle. I really had no muscle whatsoever before becoming pregnat, but I've really toned up from hauling my daughter around. So I guess my point is....if you're feeling down about your weight, keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat.


C - June 3

I have the same issue with the fat in the middle. I am 25 pounds overweight still so hopefully when I'm done losing the weight I still won't have a huge mid section. My doctor told me I could diet while b___stfeeding but to eat at least 1800 calories per day. If you're losing more than 1-2 pounds per week you need to eat more. I just stopped b___stfeeding 2 weeks ago and I have lost 6 pounds. I cut my calorie intake down to 1200 and started walking a little bit. 1200 calories isn't bad for me when I eat "healthy" foods. I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. When I go out I normally have a chicken b___st with a vegetable and a baked potato. I bought that Turbo Jam system but I always say I'm too busy. I think I'll stick with my walking for now.



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